If you are a BOSS SNOWPLOW owner, it is recommended that you have an Emergency Parts Kit on hand.
Original Western emergency parts kit for ultramount straight blade plows using the non Fleet Flex electrical systems. This special kit contains some of the most popular replacement parts used on Western Plows.
Made to withstand heavy snow plow use, these durable wing edges provide added material for increased wear life. Easy-to-install and flexible, our 12" adjustable pedestal mount will position your BLIZZARD® snow plow control station how you want it! You can't beat our Same Day Shipping on most parts and our prices are kept down so you can grab that cup of coffee in the morning before you go plowing.
This kit contains: trip spring, eyebolt, linch pin, hitch pin, shoe washers, 36" hose, motor solenoid, street elbow, nipple, hydraulic coupler, hairpin cotter and locknut.

Our adjustable bracket mounts easily to your straight blade snow plow joystick control and installs quickly onto any door panel.
BLIZZARD® hydraulic fluid is specially formulated for use in all truck-mounted BLIZZARD snow plows.
The approaching blizzard is anticipated to make travel extremely dangerous, said Knox County Emergency Management Agency, Monday morning, Jan. Avoid Overexertion: Shoveling snow or pushing your car takes a lot of effort in storm conditions. Here at Mill Supply we believe that you should be able to get quality parts for your snow plow fast, without paying an arm and a leg. Mounted front and center, our custom airfoil re-directs air over the snow plow blade and into the grille of your vehicle. This kit includes the most common replacement parts, conveniently packaged in a small, durable plastic case.

Snow can plug your vehicle's exhaust system and cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to enter your car. We stock tons of parts for various plows including Boss, Meyer, Western, Fisher, Sno-Pro, Diamond, Blizzard, and Sno-Way.
BLIZZARD touchup paint provides an excellent finish to help keep your snow plow looking its best.

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