The second client had similar alterations done to his phone while he was having a shower in his hotel room. The following video about cell phone bugs, and related topics, begins by listing some ways to detect a mobile telephone altered to become a surveillance device.
There has been a surge of new RFID blocking wallets and other products on the market that are designed to block cellular phone or RFID chip signals in order to prevent their transmissions or stored data from being maliciously intercepted, scanned or used to track your location. I have no way to test the effectiveness of the passive RFID shielding, but have extremely high confidence that it will thwart any passive scanning attempts based on what I have seen with the cell phones. Be warned by keeping your phone in a Faraday cage will start your phone on a hunt for a network, this in turn boosts it’s signal strength full bore open which in turn will drain your battery.

Neat trick, why don’t you try getting closer to the cell phone towers and tell us all how it worked.
The Security Guard took the battery out and placed the phone on the table in front of him at the entrance of the meeting room. It has been suggest that you fashion a tin foil hat for your cell phone to thwart tracking and eavesdropping. Just make a habit of removing the battery of the phones before passing thru the places where you know rfid readers are, as for passport, people carry it daily! Without anything to do, the bored Guard was staring at the batteries of two identical phones and noticed that a label was on upside-down on one battery.

If you walk into any court in Australia, check the screen of your phone as I bet it gets hot after a while.

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