OFF-SITE EMERGENCY PLAN [DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN] FOR ERNAKULAM DISTRICT Presentation by K.M. OFF-SITE EMERGENCY PLAN [DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN] FOR ERNAKULAM DISTRICT Presentation by K.M. Details such as the quantity and location of availability of Medicines for first aid Fire fighting equipment Water sources Chart depicting “Do’s” & “Don’ts” Emergency power generator OPERATION Once the operator in the control room receives the information regarding the chemical accident he shall immediately get into contact with the On-Site emergency controller or near by Police Station to assess the actual situation and correctness of the news. As per the Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989 and The Control of Major Industrial Accident Hazard (Kerala) Rules, 1993[Now amended as Kerala Factories(Major Accident Hazard Control)Rules 2005] The Chemical Accidents (Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response) Rules, 1996 notified later by the Central Govt. The updated offsite emergency plan gives the action plan for the crisis management and specifies the functions of various agencies in the crisis management group.

Arrange for evacuation of people on advice from District Emergency Controller or Emergency Coordinators.
Keep in mind that with the exception of service animals, pets are generally not permitted in emergency shelter for health reasons. Offsite emergency plan is prepared in anticipation of any such onsite events spreading outside the boundary of the industry. List of Telephone numbers, both official and residential, and residential addresses of officials notified in the Action Plan. Support Services [Deputy Director, Home guards, Chief Engineer, KSEB, Chief Engineer, KWA, General Manager BSNL, RTO, DTO, KSRTC, Area Manager, Railways, Doordarshan, AIR etc.] To provide necessary support services as required by other service agencies DISASTER PLANNING SHEET A review of the various stages of operation in the case of disaster shall definitely help in containing the disaster of the same nature in future.

Experience has shown that pre-planned and practiced procedures for handling an emergency can considerably reduce loss of life and minimize damage to property and environment.

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