Mary Jowett Architect worked with the clients and consultants investigating the site and providing information on the size and quality suitable for the new facility. The middle part has a monitor and a public telephone to help collect information about the city streets and other places. In this step of the design process, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible about different types of bus shelters. Check out this Chicago Tribune article from architecture critic Blair Kamin about the 2003 design of Chicago's bus shelters by a French company. Make some early decisions about the location, size, features, and materials for your bus shelter. Interview bus riders about how they use the current type of bus shelter and what is missing in their design. One of the unique aspects of the National Land Reform Agenda currently being pursued by the Central Government of India (viz Ministries of Rural Development and Tribal Affairs) is the right to land for shelter.
As discussions are going on at the moment with the indian Goverment, we – Ekta Parishad - would like to share ideas and opinions on this link between right to land and right to shelter.
A statement for the importance of shelter in a broader sense - focusing on its importances related to children and gender.
Unlike certain other ESC rights, the right to shelter, which forms part of the right to an adequate standard of living under article 11 of the ICESCR, finds no corresponding expression in the DPSP. Answer to: It is true that the right to shelter is essential in matters of security for the most vulnerable populations, of course including women and children.
We already identified that there is a general need for the right to shelter – it is to provide a space of security for every human being. If we focus on the quality of the right to "land" for shelter it seems to be important to distinguish between rural and urban areas. The right to land for shelter focusses on the need of areas, where the access to land is a key element in order to guarantee a livelihood.

As I understand the right to land for shelter,it would be a first step in order to prevent displacement without compensation. The right to land for shelter differentiates “the right to land” and “the right for shelter”.
The right to land for shelter, in my understanding, would go further than just addressing the rural dwellers, in this sense that it concerns every homeless people in India (more than 40 million families are homeless in India), and that is what makes it fully different from the right to land as it has been addressed until now : laws like the Forest Rights Act in India are already made (although poorely implemented) to protect rural and especially forest dwellers from displacement, and to offer compensations in some negociated cases. The existing bus shelter and toilet facilities were seen as highly inadequate and the potential recognised to provide a strong, positive introduction to the public facilities in the area.
Use Flickr and Google Images to search "bus shelter." Research different types of bus stops and shelters in different cities around the world. This blog about bus shelter designs have some very interesting ideas from all over the world. Based on what you learned in the Collect Information, make a list of all the features you'd like to have in your design. The right to shelter land therefore provides an indispensible piece in the thrust for human and inclusive development.
It is true that the right to shelter is essential in matters of security for the most vulnerable populations, including women and children of course. So, the right to land for shelter is a demand which does not face the structures and conditions of and in urban areas. We had discussion at the CESCI Centre in Madurai, The group here believes that every human being should have shelter and that is a human right.
We believe that Right to land to shelter to the landless will give security and dignity to live for people. As it is true that landlessness should be considered with a special attention to homelessness, is seems to me also that the right to land for shelter is more than anything else done to reduce poverty, especially for the most marginalised. A shelter is a structure that we may take for granted, but bus shelters also have the potential to make our daily lives easier while also significantly impacting the way our streets look.

Using a tape measure and some masking tape, mark out some different footprint options for the shelter. But including the agenda of right to shelter in the broad discourse of land-reforms enables the development of solidarity between marginalized groups in rural and urban areas and this strengthens the overall efforts for social-justice.
The structure of cities requires a right to shelter - like the human right for adequate housing. As land regulations and classifications prohibit a settlement in every area, the right to land for shelter would make sure that people can't be displaced without offering an alternative, legal place for settlement. In the end "the right to land for shelter" would lead to a reduction of migration from the countryside to cities.
What is fully new about the right to land for shelter is that it takes into account that people made landless are also made homeless, thus join slums and become urban dwellers, thus are made much more vulnerable : what we are talking about now is not just food security, but security in a general way : the possiblity to have a little homestead land! Now's the time to take what you've learned from the steps above to develop your solution for a bus shelter. The Right to Land for Shelter may be finally put into law and as such it will have a similar effect as the Right to Food, the Right to Education and other rights that are recognized as social justice principles derived from the fundamental rights of the Indian Constitution. In the rural context right to shelter can easily translate into rights over homestead land but in urban context, with the high premium for land, it becomes more challenging.
Use cardboard or cardstock to build a rough physical study model or prototype of your shelter. You can't really understand the shape of the shelter until you make a quick study model.
The larger agenda thus has to be of ‘agrarian reform.’ This needs to be accompanied by a moratorium on forced evictions and strong laws to protect people’s rights, including their right to information, prior informed consent and participation.

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