Shelter up is where you fall back to the upper floors of the structure such as the 2nd floor or attic, in the event of flooding.
Shelter down is when there is a tornado or high wind warning and the safest location would be a basement or interior room with few windows and doors. You will need to adjust your shelter-in-place procedures according to the type of building you are in. The same method that is used to cut plastic sheeting for doors and windows could be used by someone who lives in a hurricane prone area to cut wood for the exterior doors and windows.
Sheltering-in-place has been shown to be the most effective response during the first few hours of a substance release where the public would be at higher risk outdoors.

Make sure you know alternate routes to your destination in case your primary route is blocked or gridlocked to a suggested Emergency Supply Kit checklist (by the Department of Homeland Security).
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Shelter in is where you remain on the main or ground floor of the structure and attempt to create a barrier between you and a potentially contaminated atmosphere outside.
The major benefit of sheltering in place is the close proximity to the rest of your supplies and that in most cases the event that requires you to remain inside is normally short-lived. A shelter-in-place home E-kit is a small kit that contains enough equipment and supplies to last you for at least 5 days (More is always better but space and weight considerations come into play with larger kits).

BUT since ive changed my living situation I really havent gone through and adjusted it for the new place. If you divided those items in half and placed half into sturdy containers, not cardboard boxes, you could move those containers with you if you had to shelter up or down. I am also working on planting red potatoes in containers and continue to use a "salad bowl" to grow lettuce and spinach for my salads, were I can just trim as I need it and keep it growing!

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