To stay secure in an emergency situation you may need to think about others and their reactions as much as you do about your own preparedness and plans. Over the years we have set up automatic discount codes for many companies seeking to prepare their employees  at work and to encourage them and their families to be prepared at home. Make your shelter-in-place plans and be sure to have an emergency kit to handle the aftermath should you end up in the path of a tornado.
Blizzard conditions are expected and this means people will have to shelter in place in their homes (hopefully that is where most New Yorkers will be).
Such shelter-in-place kits should include all the basic survival supplies necessary to sustain life and comfort for at least 72 hours.
One never knows if they will have the time to fully prepare in the moment for such weather events, so being prepared in advance with a shelter-in-place kit and supplies is the only way to be sure to be secure in this unsure world in which we live.
Especially in mass stabbings or shootings or other major disasters, there is no way for outside medical responders to get to everyone in need as immediately as those who are already on the scene. The kind of first aid supplies needed for an instant response rarely exist in sufficient quantities in a regular first aid kit.
Purchasing a replacement kit will allow you to replace expired items while leaving the other items in place.

At LifeSecure, we offer Replacement Emergency Kits for each of our most popular emergency kits.
If you are thinking about buying a holiday gift that could really make a difference in someone's life (not an even larger screen TV than they already have), then we have got some help for you. Everything you need for 72 hour emergency survival for 4 people is in this one complete kit. This premium lockdown kit contains food, water and supplies for 30 students for use during a prolonged school lockdown.
Everything needed for 72 hour emergency survival for 50 people is in this one complete kit. Hopefully what they did leave is a bit of a wake up call for the need for earthquake preparedness. There always seems to be one or more rabbits living in my yard, or at least foraging there. We have been ordering survival kits from them for 2 years and the school and the parents could not be happier with the contents, the price and their exceptional customer service! According to experts, it may be critical for survival to know the right answer to that question in the coming years.

Inside a Premium Home Survival Kit is everything you need for 72 hour emergency survival, conveniently included in a sturdy, airtight.. Electricity, gas, water and cell phones may not be working, so you and your family need to be self sufficient for emergency survival. Emergency preparedness is key, and More Prepared offers the most complete emergency survival kits for home, school, car and work.
They plan to provide these kits to their employees who work in urban areas and who, in a disaster, might have to try to get home without the aid of their usual modes of transportation. Everything you need for 72 hour survival, including food bars and survival gear, is contained in one convenient pail or backpack emergency kit.

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