Learn about how public schools are protecting students against emergencies, and what parents need to know about keeping their children safe in public schools.
In the wake of nearly 10 years of increased school violence, all public schools are legally required to possess specific lockdown and emergency response procedures. The installation of fire alarm and ECS can have a significant impact in preserving life safety within schools and campuses. As part of the emergency response plan, an approach for incorporating parties not directly intimate with the emergency situation must also be included into the strategy. If you’re responsible for protecting a campus — whether at a hospital, K-12 school, college or university — then Campus Safety magazine is a must-read, and it’s free!

Specifically, middle schools and high schools, which experience greater safety breaches due to their age groups, should frequently practice their emergency response protocols to ensure that all students and staff are ready to respond in the rare case of a serious emergency or threat. In this article you will learn how to make sure your gifted student gets the quality education he or she deserves. Identified risks would then be incorporated into the emergency response plan for the facility in order to plan for a smoother future expansion of the system. Requirements for the emergency planning and preparedness (including fire safety and evacuation plans, lockdown plans, drills, and training) as outlined in the IFC will also need to be adhered to.
As an example, in the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident, the neighboring fire station was used as an assembly point for parents, children, and first responders, which helped authorities manage the various parties who attempted to respond to the scene during the active emergency situation.

As the only publication devoted to those public safety, security and emergency management personnel, issues cover all aspects of safety measures, including access control, video surveillance, mass notification, and security staff practices. These voice fire alarm notification systems can serve as a platform to provide instructions during an emergency.
ECS are intended to account for anticipated risks and deliver information specific in nature to the respective parties in response to an emergency situation.

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