The American Red Cross: Prepare Bay AreaThe Prepare Bay Area initiative supports YOU with information, materials, and tips on getting prepared for disasters. The Bay Area Earthquake Alliance, which is composed of 183 member groups and organizations, coordinates earthquake awareness and preparedness activities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
We have created the SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION FAMILY DISASTER PLAN GUIDEBOOK to streamline the process of designing your family disaster plan. Hard copies of our SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION FAMILY DISASTER PLAN GUIDEBOOK are also available for participants who attend our one-day SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION for Disaster Responders: A Coach-supported Training Program.

Open For Business ®Disaster planning toolkit for small to mid-sized business owners from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. We hope you enjoy completing your SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION FAMILY DISASTER PLAN GUIDEBOOK with your loved ones.
Community Action Plan for Seismic SafetyThe purpose of the Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS) project is to provide the Department of Building Inspection a plan of action, or policy road map, to reduce earthquake risks. Marin County Schools Emergency Preparedness ServicesOnline resources for school disaster planners to improve emergency response procedures in local schools.

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