Childcare providers need a plan to protect their children, their employees, and their business.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers an online course for childcare providers: Multihazard Planning for Childcare. Save the Children’s Child Care Emergency Preparedness Training is designed to help you develop and implement practical emergency plans that cater to the specific needs of your program.
Visit the Community Care Licensing Division, Child Care Licensing Website to find resources on operating a child care facility in California and the regulations involved, including the need to have a disaster plan.
Last week for our 5th year Blogging Anniversary we introduced our brand new Emergency Preparedness Plan. There’s still room for you to fill in emergency contact info and other important components of your family plan. We continue to talk about the necessities needed to keep your car stocked and having a game plan for things you would grab in case of an evacuation.
We included tips and facts throughout the whole plan to help you in your planning and purchasing processes. Instead of giving you just the one menu plan for the food in your 72 hour kits, we included several lists of menus depending on varying diets.

After finishing the new plan, we decided to give it a test and printed it out before going through our 72 hour kits that needed rotating. In a short-term emergency, you are likely to seek services to meet the child’s immediate needs, such as medical, food, shelter, and so the information should be geared to that purpose. In a longer emergency you may be seeking out less basic services for your kids, such as speech therapy, or enrolling them in a new school.
Robertson said the city has invested significantly in emergency preparedness over the past four years, adding the city has six emergency response stations in addition to a volunteer force ready to mobilize in the face of a disaster. Officials determine if there is a tsunami risk and issue the appropriate warnings to various communities by contacting local emergency co-ordinators, first responders like police and fire, and local media.
Officials with the West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre have confirmed emergency officials in B.C.
Kryzanowski said as soon as local officials learn of an earthquake on the West Coast, they should start their own emergency procedures without waiting for provincial alerts. Contact them to learn more about hazards in your area as well as emergency preparedness resources that may be available. The plan flowed very well, and we’re confident it will help you rethink (or start) your plan.

Store all the stuff you would need in colder weather in a separate bag or container that you would grab and go in case of emergency during the winter.
If you’re in the habit of doing this all the time it could really save you in a REAL emergency (like those don’t happen daily with babies on the go). We have to do it ourselves so that when emergency comes an earthquake, or a typhoon for example we are already prepared. I keep this info on a single sheet of paper for each family member and basically it is the page I grab when heading to the emergency department with one of the kids (which btw forces me to keep it current). I think the best way to handle this is to scan the documents in to the computer (be sure to keep them clearly labeled), then transfer them to a CD or flash drive that could be easily stored in the emergency binder.

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