If the flight departs within a short time, Pick up children, baggage, pet (if applicable) and proceed. At the point where your family leaves today by ground transportation for the motel or by plane to their final safehaven location, your sponsor duties with this family are complete with the exception of next day departures. The Processing Center that your assigned repatriation site processing volunteer will guide you through is a necessary part of your return to the States.
When you reach your final destination, contact the nearest military Family Support Center, regardless of your military Service branch, to receive further family assistance.
A list of central contact phone numbers for designated Service Support Centers is attached (SEE ANNEX H, APPENDIX 1). SECTION B - Reflects 2 unaccompanied minor children being escorted back to the United States by the DoD spouse shown in Section A. Planning should include other federal agencies, such as Department of Health and Human Services, State Department and private aid organizations if required.

Dependent on the particular operation, this packet will provide general information concerning DoD Family Service programs, a listing of Family Service Centers, a listing of Service and DoD Agency follow-on support phone numbers, information sheets on entitlements, follow-on financial assistance, and civilian personnel guidance if applicable, and other information pertinent to the evacuees final destination.
One of the first points of business is for you to ensure that the personnel Repatriation Processing Center Processing Sheet (DD Form 2585) is completely and properly filled out.
I now would like to orient you to the physical layout of this processing center (point out medical facilities, rest rooms, child care center, etc.).
When your processing is completed, please drop off your Repatriation Processing Center Processing Sheet (DD Form 2585) at the final processing station. To provide a suggested floor plan to assist in planning for and executing repatriation processing.
The processing form should be provided to the evacuees and completed by them prior to their arrival at the repatriation center.
The designated Repatriation Site Commander(s) will develop plans for the reception, processing and onward movement of noncombatants who have been evacuated from an overseas area.

Actual positions and number of personnel to fill these positions is dependent on support requirements at each repatriation center. If the evacuees have not received and completed a form prior to their arrival, they will complete the form at the repatriation center. If you are escorting unaccompanied minor children please ensure the flow control desk is made aware of this fact. Following confirmation of casualties, the FACC will serve as a centralized location for required services such as family member briefings, assistance, legal assistance, etc.

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