Verify employee, supplier and vendor contact information so you can check on their well being and communicate next steps for resuming normal business operations. According to NOAA if the tornado is visible, far away, and the traffic is light, you may be able to drive out of its path by moving at right angles to the tornado.
This entry was posted in Safety Tips and tagged basement, connecticut, home, home insurance, northeast, phh insurance, protecting you is our job, safest place in home, safest place in your home during a tornado, stay away from windows, tornado, tornado safety on July 28, 2014 by phhinsurance. It’s prime riding season, so we wanted to give you a reminder on some good safety points for experienced and new riders. Your motorcycle insurance policy through Safeco covers up to $3,000 in custom parts and equipment. This entry was posted in Motorcycle and tagged connecticut motorcycle insurance, insurance, motorcycle, motorcycle insurance, motorcycle safety tips, motorcycle tips, phh insurance, riding tips, stafford springs on July 21, 2014 by phhinsurance. Unless specifically designed to be lightning safe, small structures do little, if anything, to protect occupants from lightning. A tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been seen in your area or that radar indicates the presence of a tornado. Safely clean up what you can.[1] Once it is safe to return home or come out, begin cleaning up what you can.
Tornadoes are sometimes obscured by clouds or rain, and there is sometimes no visible funnel cloud.
To stay safe, you need complete command of your motorcycle and the best safety gear you can get.
Any time you buy new leathers or safety equipment or customize your bike, contact your local Safeco agent so we can update your limits.
In assessing the safety provided by a particular structure, it is more important to consider what happens if the structure gets struck by lightning, rather than whether the structure will be hit by lightning.
Part of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are rotating, whirling winds that appear in a funnel shape. Even if you know the signs of a tornado, you can't always rely on your own eyes and ears alone to know if one is coming. If you hear a tornado watch or a severe thunderstorm watch, you should pay special attention to weather conditions. If you are caught by extreme winds or flying debris, park the car as quickly and safely as possible — out of the traffic lanes.

Following safety precautions during a tornado can increase your and your family's chances of survival.
The first step in staying safe from a tornado is staying tuned to News 9 Chief Meteorologist Gary England and the News 9 weather team. FEMA offers an abundance of information for those interested in constructing safe rooms for individuals, families, or communities. Tornadoes extend from severe thunderstorms and usually develop from the trailing end of a storm. Two of the most fundamental precautions that you can take in the event of a tornado, no matter where you are, is staying low to or below the ground in an interior space away from windows and covering your head with your hands and arms.
It is a good idea for your family to select a place to meet following any tornado in case you are separated at the time of the incident. Mobile homes and dwellings without basements or foundations are not a safe place to be in a tornado.
This entry was posted in Safety Tips and tagged auto insurance, car insurance, cars, connecticut auto insurance, fuel, gas pump, penny hanley & howley insurance, phh insurance, saving gas at the pump, saving money, stafford springs, was to save fuel on July 23, 2014 by phhinsurance.
With the recent severe weather we’ve had in the last couple days, we thought it would be worth sharing this information from a recent article on the weather channel about Lightning Safety Tips. This entry was posted in Safety Tips and tagged connecticut home insurance, home insurance, how lightning enters your home, lightning, lightning safety, lightning strikes your home, phh insurance, safety in your home, severe storms on July 16, 2014 by phhinsurance. A tornado emergency means that a tornado warning has been issued and it is heading toward a densely populated area. Inform your children about tornadoes, so they will know some of the signs, and will stay alert. A garage is not a safe option to wait out a tornado, as the walls of the garage can collapse inward. It will be easier to track the tornado's direction if you are familiar with the geography of your area. Make sure everyone in the family knows where to go, what to take, and how to be safe if a tornado hits.
Never leave your shelter until you are sure that the storm has passed and that it is safe to follow the next directions. Listen to local radio stations or watch local TV to stay informed, especially during conditions that are likely to form tornadoes.

That is an indication of snapped power lines and an almost sure sign of intense wind or a tornado. A tornado watch means there is a chance of tornadoes while a warning means a tornado has been observed or is indicated on radar. A severe thunderstorm warning means that a severe thunderstorm has been spotted in your area, and you should take appropriate precautions and watch for tornadoes. Never go outside during a tornado to witness or calculate the distance of the tornado from your current location. Tornadoes usually only develop in the presence of thunderstorms (though the thunderstorm may be some distance away from you), so lightning, rain, and hail (especially if occurring after a tornado watch or warning has been issued) should put you on guard. Often, tornadoes drop down vertically and lift straight back up, so you will not always observe them coming toward you. It is also not uncommon for the sun to be visible or skies to clear partially during a tornado. This reduces the risk of your home caving in on you and better protects you from flying debris. Build or designate a safe room.[1] Rooms that can typically be used include basements, garages, interior rooms on the first floor, etc. Tornadoes usually last for about 20 seconds, but some rare ones have lasted more than an hour.
A shelter that does not contain plumbing or wiring throughout, or some other mechanism for grounding from the roof to ground is not safe.
If a tornado watch or warning is issued in your area, Gary and his staff of meteorologists will hit the airwaves and let you know when and where the storms will strike.
A tornado watch indicates that conditions are right for tornado development and tornadoes are possible in your area. Do what you can to bring things so that they are in the safe shelter, but move quickly and stay calm. If you are in a car when a tornado hits get out and find a ditch, lie down in the ditch and cover your head.

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