Hurricanes can wreak havoc in many ways, with lashing winds, torrential rains, and inundating storm surges. As Atlantic hurricane season heats up, storms could send toxic hydrocarbons lingering from the summer's oil spill surging inland, scientists say.
While hurricanes, droughts, floods, and storm surges are natural events, the degree of disaster is often now heavily influenced by humans. The National Geographic Society aims to be an international leader for global conservation and environmental sustainability. You are situated in a low-lying area; aim for sturdy and relatively high ground (less threatened by flooding). When a hurricane strikes, seek shelter in an interior and windowless room within the sturdiest building. During a hurricane watch or warning, be prepare to evacuate—do so immediately when advised. Lots of area for dialysis patient and i will show some advanced Initial-Help methods are learned. Ensure a supply of water—both for drinking and for sanitary purposes (fill bathtubs and containers too). Keep a list of contact info handy (fire, rescue, law enforcement, property insurance, local hospitals, radio and TV stations, and personal emergency contacts) for quick reference.
If travelling or planning a vacation during hurricane season, purchase travel insurance that will cover you for these specific storms. Keep alert to weather conditions if you live in a hurricane-prone region, especially during hurricane season.
Before entering a building, carefully check for weakened walls and roofs, loose power lines, teetering trees, gas leaks or fumes, and other forms of damage.

Refrain from using tap water either for drinking or cooking purposes, as it may be contaminated. We've written to praise AJM's staff in auto and home but don't want to forget the excellent work year after year that we receive from Greg D'Orazio regarding our business medical.
Talk to you family members about what they should do and how to do it incase a hurricane or any natural disaster may come your way. Check to make sure that your home meets building codes that ensures it can endure hurricanes. NOTICE: This blog and website are made available by the publisher for educational and informational purposes only. The word hurricane comes from the Taino Native American word hurucane, which translates into "evil spirit of the world." The following hurricane safety tips will help to ensure your safety during one of nature’s greatest onslaughts. We send all of our family, friends and business contacts to her for the best service and advice in the industry. If he’s chasing hurricanes, Robinson heads for the Gulf of Mexico and Florida coast, where they may touch down with crashing force. Anyone riding out a hurricane should wait for authorities to announce that the danger has passed. He joins a handful of meteorologists forecasting for television networks and certified at York, which offers the only meteorology program in Ontario and one of six in Canada.
His truck is fortified with hail guards, his $10,000 video camera is waterproof and he wears wetsuits to do his job.
Now, he’s on call to track extreme weather events – thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes – and get eyewitness footage as well as storm data. Tornadoes are local events, maybe two miles wide, but hurricanes like Ike, which landed in Galveston in 2008 and moved north into Canada, can spin over whole continents.

As they did to shoot Katrina in New Orleans and Ike in Galveston, he and Kourounis find the nearest multi-storey, open-sided garage and park on a level below the roof, protected overhead from the rain and high enough to avoid surging floodwaters below. Terror turned to fascination when, one day at the zoo, his parents whisked him to safety against an impending storm then watched it go by. He has also travelled to far-flung places to film for Kourounis, host of “Angry Planet” on the Outdoor Life Network. Listening to the radio before and during a hurricane helps families follow evacuation warnings from local authorities and find out where temporary refuge stations are located.
You can follow the 38-year-old’s adventures in episodes on the network’s “Storm Hunters”, launched recently to showcase forays into the most powerful winds on Earth. Because the structures are built to handle the weight of hundreds of cars and allow winds to pass through unimpeded, they are the safest place to be. The two have strung ropes across, and cooked eggs in, the boiling waters of a lake in Dominica, climbed Alaska’s Mount Washington in -30-degree winds in winter, to get footage for the show.
Regardless of lifespan, all hurricanes undergo a defined development process, called a life cycle. They’ve seen two of the five deadliest to make landfall in the States – Katrina in 2005 and Ike in 2008. Katrina was “one of the most intense experiences of my life,” says Robinson of the deadly storm that devastated New Orleans. Not all of these hurricanes are devastating; some of them appear to be ordinary storms for the most part and only develop into official hurricanes for a few short hours, whereas others can be considered full-force hurricanes for several weeks.

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