Small, lightweight, and multi-purpose items are sure to find their way into my every day carry survival kit.
Often when we think of uses for safety pins, the idea of temporarily repair garments comes to mind and with good reason. Survival kits often include a small amount of fishing tackle including monofilament line, lead sinkers, and barbed hooks that can be used to fish for food during survival situations. Even if you don’t have sufficient fishing tackle, you can fashion some primitive gear using the inner strands of 550 paracord and a safety pin for a hook.
Unfortunately, many people thrust into wilderness survival scenarios must make do under less than ideal circumstances.
A large safety pin, opened and straightened can be very effective in wounding someone who is a threat if you have no other chances of defending yourself.

I ended up strapping the 550 cord and flashlight to the outside of the kit, in addition to 4 rubber bands  (which I had planned to put there all along).
And few things are smaller, weigh less, and are as varied in their uses as standard safety pins. Small, easily caught panfish such as bream or bluegill can be a wonderful source of nourishment and can really boost morale when surviving near a water source. Perhaps the event that landed them in a survival situation, such as a wrecked mountain bike or snowmobile, left them in an injured state.
It can be used to immobilize an arm by pinning the cuff of a long sleeve shirt to its chest to fashion a makeshift arm sling. Whatever the  cause, an injury has been incurred and survival has just been made that much more difficult.

I just worked them in however they would fit.On top of the bandages I put the antibiotic ointment, the safety pins and dropped in the earring backs. It has a change of clothes for The Boy, a change of clothes for myself, pair of tennis shoes and socks (as I normally wear sandles), first aid kit, water bottles, a blanket, spare diapers and wipes.

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