REALSERVE provide accurate and compliant evacuation diagrams and fire safety plans showing all fire safety equipment, assembly areas and evacuation points with accuracy. AUST – Emergency Plan was requested by an apartment building’s Corporation Manager to provide the necessary emergency plan and evacuation diagrams (evacuation signs) under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’, The building is a 2 storeys high. AUST – Emergency Plan was requested by a property manager to prepare an emergency plan and evacuation diagrams for their multi-storey buildings basement carpark under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’. For further information or to book in for Emergency Planning and Evacuation Group Training, contact Healthcorp on 1300 852 475. This may not prove adequate to satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation (EPAR).
It should be a safe distance away from the building to provide adequate protection from fire and any onsite hazards such as chemicals or explosive materials.

Healthcorp diagrams are cost effective and include all the essential requirements in accordance with Australian Standard 3745-2010 (planning for emergencies in facilities).
AUST – Emergency Plan audits have revealed misleading exits marked on evacuation diagrams (evacuation signs). AUST – Emergency Plan was commissioned by the General Manager of a major hotel to prepare the necessary emergency plan and evacuation diagrams (evacuation signs) under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’ for an existing multi-storey hotel building. AUST – Emergency Plan assessors have been noticing a number of significant shortfalls when viewing existing evacuation diagrams and evacuation signs.
The client’s emergency plan and evacuation diagrams were outdated and the emergency plan needed a complete revision to comply with AS 3745-2010. We can deliver warden training, use of firefighting equipment training and assist with annual emergency evacuation drills.

Evacuation Diagrams for all workplace facilities are compulsory under Australian Standard 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities.
The nursing home building had a number of superseded emergency procedures and evacuation diagrams that did not comply with the new provisions of AS 3745-2010.

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