Needless to say, fans attending tonight's Islanders-Rangers game at Yankee Stadium should prepare for extreme cold. In order to keep fans safe and ensure a pleasurable experience, Coors Light, the NHL's Stadium Series sponsor, has issued a handy guide for keeping warm while watching the game. Fire officials issued a fire safety warning as we enter a weekend of extremely cold weather, perhaps the coldest in years. MAKE SURE SMOKE ALARMS AND CO ALARMS ARE WORKING: One of the simplest steps for safety you can take is to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working. GENERATOR SAFETY: Use generators outdoors away from windows, doors and vents with the exhaust pointed away from the home.

USE FLASHLIGHTS AND BATTERY-OPERATED CANDLES: Use flashlights and battery-operated candles for safety.
A significant Arctic blast entered the area early Sunday, set to bring the coldest temperatures Central Texas has seen in nearly three years. Learn about the effects of frostbite, signs and symptoms, prevention, treatment and general frostbite safety. This weekend will tax our heating and electrical systems as we try to stay warm, so a little caution can help you make you it safely through the extreme weather. Space heaters need space, so use them in a 3-foot circle of safety; free of anything that catch fire.

If you must use flame candles, remember to burn them inside a one-foot circle of safety free of anything that can burn. Artic weather is approaching the Tuscaloosa and West Alabama area and will be with us through Wednesday. During the one of the coldest winters to date, it's important to stay safe from the dangers of winter weather.

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