At Key Stage 4, during their games afternoon, boys have a greater freedom of choice with regard to activities and are able to select from activities such as basketball, tennis, fitness, rugby, football, sports leadership, cricket, ultimate Frisbee and softball. Fitness Training, Muscular Strength and Endurance, Flexibility, Drugs in Sport, Psychological Factors, Acquisition of Skill, Technological Developments, Safety and Risk Assessment. However, they did not find evidence that repairing the meniscus, rather than removing it, protected one from such risk. Perhaps tennis as a game requiring very extensive physical involvement attracts people who contradict this rule, people to whom exercise and physical involvement gives an opportunity to forget and lose touch with everyday life, people who are characterized by better general physical activity, not only recreational, as well as people with a high awareness of the great significance and influence of physical exercise on the functioning of the body and delaying of ageing effects.Similar relations between motivation and history and the level of advancement are noted for the tennis players, which may be due to the fact that the longer the history, the higher the level of advancement of people playing recreational tennis.
Tennis is a technically difficult sport; it requires relatively long training in order to master individual shots, and only then it can earn recognition.
Correlation between motivation and degree of advancement of people doing selected forms of physical recreationAmong the tennis players the relation between motivation and age was noted for the following motives: activity-related, cathartic, and health-related motives. Promote an understanding of the health benefits and risks associated with taking part in physical activity.

In this example matrix for becoming a great clay-court singles tennis player, our previous focus was on first understanding the requirements for becoming great, estimating their relative importance, and then assessing ourselves against those requirements, potentially with the help of a coach or other third party. However, differences in the motivation structure in men and women playing tennis were noted. Thus, among tennis players the activity-related and cathartic motives, and health-related motive for sailors, are dominating.
Athletes at particularly high risk for meniscal injuries are those whose sports demand running, cutting and jumping.
In female tennis players the health scale had the highest value; in male tennis players it was the activity scale. At follow up, all patients reported participating in strenuous to moderate activities such as skiing and tennis. While the statistically significant correlation of the health-related and cathartic motives with age in the group of tennis players is not controversial, and it is obvious that the older the person, the more often he or she will undertake recreation in order to escape from everyday duties.

In a collaborative study, researchers in Sweden and Massachusetts evaluated the long-term OA risk of meniscus injuries and whether or not repairing the meniscus decreased that risk(9).
He developed a risk assessment scale to help guide clinicians and athletes in their decision making after meniscectomy (see table 1). Those at risk should be assigned a core strengthening protocol as a preventative measure to maintain joint health.

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