Evantix recommends customers employ extensive use of the Evantix ISO 27001 risk assessment control model because it is a “superset” of standards and is most easily mapped into a growing list of regulations and other published and evolving standards. ISO 27001 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving a documented information security management system within the context of overall business risks.
If you are familiar with the requirements of BS 25999-1 you will note the following changes or modifications:Understanding of the organization and its context It is important for the cornerstone of the BCMS to be built upon an understanding of what internal and external factors should be taken into consideration when evaluating risk management and the requirements of interested parties.

ISO 22313 (Guidance) offers these examples of what this might include.Establishing resource requirementsISO 22301 draws a direct connection between the outputs of the BIA and RA and the development of risk treatments, including strategies for continuity and recovery.
These requirements remain but have been expanded upon.Expanded focus on communication In ISO 22301 the focus is much larger in scope and in requirements.

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