Easy to apply water-based paint for walls, ceilings, doors and other interior OR exterior surfaces. Based on a high quality pure acrylic binder, this shielding paint offers a perfect compromise of excellent attenuation, high water resistance and good ecology. This is a sprayable, brushable, or rollable conductive metallic coating using a specially formulated copper as the conductive agent for superior performance in electric field and RF shielding.
Good adhesion on many surfaces and substrates like latex paint, construction boards, cement, plaster, polystyrene, masonry surfaces, etc.
Easy to handle – roll similar to ordinary wall paint - and still achieve an amazing reduction of 99% of HF-Radiation with only one layer.

Also can be used to create conductive pathways on surfaces or add shielding to cables and flexible conduits. Can be used for interior or exterior application, overcoat with high hiding latex paint of any color.
These problems can be a fire hazard, a shock hazard, a problem for polarized appliances, and definitely a problem if you are using the socket’s ground connection to Earth your shielding. Air Pure solves the problem of combining a zero VOC formulation with the RF shielding ability of conductive Nickel flake to produce an excellent water based primer for your walls and ceilings. Simply paint on like you would any normal primer, ground, and cover with a latex paint of your choice.

Note that Electric Paint is water soluble, washing with soap and water will remove any paint which has been applied. The conductivity of Electric Paint increases as it dries, therefore wait until it is completely dry to test your projects.

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