I’ve compiled a page of tips and links that will help you prepare yourself and family for an emergency. Family Communication Plan – ideas on what your family can do if an emergency strikes while you are separated, like at work or school.
I also bought some of those new battery-operated LED headlamp sets for my kits, because there are so many reasons to have hands free during an emergency like setting up camp, performing rescue operations in rubble, or carrying a baby.
Of course, don’t forget a simple lantern and kerosene will work fabulously in many types of emergencies.

Several of the links below have printable coloring books that would make great handouts during a Primary preparedness activity or even at Enrichment to take home to the family for Family Home Evening. American Red Cross – has lots of great information for children including coloring books on emergencies like fire or earthquake.
A lot of these links have great printables that will make good handouts for a lesson on Emergency Preparedness.
Has excellent practical tips about what to do in an emergency including cleaning up after a flood, finding hidden water supplies, what to do when a boil order is made, and much more.

Includes a preparedness coloring book, helping children cope with disaster, preparing for disaster for people with special needs or disabilities, and more. I have about 100 different ways to get warm in an emergency, but it’s alot harder to get cool.

Business emergency response plan
Nuclear disaster preparedness act
North korea nuclear attack scenario


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