The American Red Cross has launched a new collection of free, online tools to help businesses, schools and other organizations prepare for emergencies. In an effort to better prepare for such events, Ready Rating members complete a confidential assessment of their current readiness level for emergencies and receive immediate, customized feedback with tips and resources for them to improve their readiness scores. More than 1,300 businesses and organizations and nearly 450 schools are already Ready Rating members. The Ready Rating program is consistent with Private Sector or PS-Prep Standards developed by the Department of Homeland Security. Ready Rating is a free, web-based program developed to help businesses; schools and organizations plan and prepare for disasters and emergencies.

These enhancements to the Red Cross Ready Rating program offer specific steps that organizations can take to be better prepared. In addition to employee and public-facing fundraising initiatives, franchises will be trained to serve as advocates for the Ready Rating program within their community. SERVPRO franchises (appx 1,600) donated $500,000 to the American Red Cross to become a national sponsor.
At SERVPRO we feel the need to partner with the American Red Croos because in times of disaster both companies are responding to assist those in need after fire, water or storm damage. The Ready Rating will make certain that your business is prepared in times of crisis. SERVPRO has an Emergency Ready Program (ERP) that will help prepare your building in times of crisis. Both the Ready Rating from the American Red Cross and the SERVPRO ERP are needed to ensure you are 100% ready.

Please note that these two programs are FREE and all you have to do is log onto the Ready Rating site or for an ERP call SERVPRO of Jonesboro at 870-934-0501 and ask for Cary Park or Eddie Wofford. At SERVPRO of Jonesboro we look forward to working with our local chapter of the American Red Cross to find ways in which we can continue raising funds to support the American Red Cross for disaster relief.

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