Brochure for the Lady Galway Red Cross Convalescent Home in Henley Beach, South Australia, c. Soon after the war the Repatriation Department invited the Red Cross to establish convalescent homes for wounded or ill soldiers.
The Lady Galway Home was named after the wife of the Governor of South Australia, who founded the South Australian division of the British Red Cross Society. Chinese Language and Cultural Advice (CLCA Pty Ltd) was established in 1998 to assist Australian businesses capture the enormous opportunities with China. Woof Media can help you with your tourism marketing strategy, websites, town guides (print, digital and app versions), brochures, social media and email marketing.

Tourism Brochure Exchange can help with the marketing of your tourism business through the distribution of your brochures, cards, magazines, posters and publications. SATIC Members, who are new TBE clients, can enjoy 25% off any new brochure distribution service for three months or longer and 50% off a six month distribution deal.
South Australian location photographer, Heidi Linehan works with an international clientele of tourism, lifestyle, and editorial clients seeking outstanding service, a creative approach, and a discerning eye.
Excel Network Rent A Car is a successful South Australian owned & operated car rental business. Bayside Insurance Brokers is one of the largest Registered General Insurance Brokers in South Australia.

They provide efficient, cost effective delivery and servicing of brochures to prime tourism locations within the Adelaide CBD, metropolitan and regional areas, including South East SA, Mt Gamier airport, and all major towns across the Great Ocean Road through to Geelong.
With clients all over Australia, Bayside Insurance Brokers is committed to sound and qualified support, whether we are insuring the contents of your first home, or the multimillion-dollar construction of many homes.
Our mission: to engage, represent, strengthen and empower the South Australian tourism industry.

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