As we can see in the case of the Moore tornado, in the immediate aftermath of a disaster people and organizations are quick to donate and quick to help. Each place that suffers from disaster is unique, and recovery time depends a great deal on the resources of the country affected. Dealing with the damage brought on by a natural disaster is a daunting and difficult undertaking, but can be helped with the right preparation.
The stress from a natural disaster can leave people vulnerable and may make them easier targets for fraud.
Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common reaction to natural disasters and can persist long after the disaster itself has been resolved. From POV's Blog July 10, 2015 The Vanishing of the Director of 'The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga' "Real life trumped the rest." Tom Roston sets out to learn why 'The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga' filmmaker Jessica Oreck has taken a step back from the documentary film world.
That was the takeaway from the panel of environmental justice experts who spoke at the Governors’ Institute on Community Design State Resilience and Economic Growth Summit in Washington, DC, last week.

Groups can be “vulnerable” to disaster based on a range of criteria, such as income, age, race, physical or mental disability, access to transportation, access to health services, proximity to a floodplain or housing type.
It takes some serious dedication to go back to a disaster location after two, five, or eight years and put in the work to help the ongoing recovery. Call your insurance agent to clarify any questions you may have about what type of coverage your policy will provide for the type of damage expected from a pending storm.
The panel discussion was part of a a two-day event that brought together experts on disaster recovery and long-term resilience to discuss best practices and new strategies for states.
What is common to all vulnerable communities, however, is that they not only face greater burdens going into a disaster, but they will also face greater challenge in recovering after disaster strikes. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s National Disaster Resilience Competition are opportunities for states to incorporate greater equity into their disaster resilience efforts, added Jalonne White-Newsome, Federal Policy Analyst at WE ACT. This difficulty comes from the fact that eventually the disaster isn’t news anymore and people not directly affected start to forget.

If there weren’t resources for a majority of the population to not be poverty-stricken in the first place, then in the wake of a disaster most of the recovery efforts must come from outside sources. If your area was declared a federal disaster area, contact FEMA to discuss what type of help is available. The goal is thus two-fold, Tejada explained: to lessen these communities’ burdens before disaster, and to increase their resilience in the aftermath. EMDR has been used by returning Iraq veterans, victims of rape and after natural disasters to resolve the perpetual feeling of crisis that lingers long afterwards.

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