All Our Ready Made Curtains Are In Pairs.If You Require Any Help With Sizes Or Anything Else,Please Get In Touch. The Curtain Exchange Established in 1990, The Curtain Exchange pioneered the sale of top-quality second-hand curtains. The switching off scientists at the University of ready made curtains Alabama at Birmingham Despite convincing research proving that 106. It’s also possible to purchase thermal curtain lining at add to your existing curtains.

Other top tips for reducing you heating bill include opening the blinds and curtains in your south facing windows during the day to capture sunlight. Ready-made thermal curtains consist of two or three layers of thermal lining, interlining or blackout lining. Thermal lining is cotton coated lining that provides insulation, slightly different to blackout lining which prevents heat loss as well as blocking sunlight passing through the curtain during the day.
To combat this, Harry Corry supplies a range of blackout door curtains in a selection of colours.

At night, close you curtains at dusk and tuck them behind radiators, this will reduce heat escaping through the windows.

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