Since the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis in Japan, hundreds of millions of people around the world have experienced understandable and justifiable anxiety about the health threat of radioactive fallout from the Sendai reactors. Much is being made of the release of radioactive iodine from the nuclear reactors at Sendai, with the US FDA even banning imports of vegetables from farms that never exported vegetables to the US and that no longer exist, but the simple fact is, North Americans have been exposed to radioactive iodine from nuclear testing in far, far greater concentrations for nearly 60 years.Here is a link to a map showing radioactive iodine exposure in the USA during the test era.
With the ever-looming possibility of nuclear annihilation from Soviet forces, Americans in the 1950's began building personal shelters that would protect against nuclear fallout specifically gamma radiation. To prevent against exposure from nuclear fallout, these shelters were built underground to allow dirt and soil to provide natural protection from radiation. A fallout shelter built in the corner of a basement was the most affordable option, and it supposedly offered substantial protection. In preparing for a nuclear attack, citizens knew that it may take days or weeks to allow the radioactive fallout to reduce to safer levels.

During the 1950's and 1960's, a few counties in the United States had radioactive iodine exposures of up to 16 rads, rads being an obsolete unit for radiation.
The fallout shelter was essentially a civilian adapted bunker equipped with food, fresh water, living accommodations, and personal necessities. The prime objective was to put as much mass between survivors and the radioactive particles from the blast as possible. Americans who lived in the vicinity of Las Vegas during the nuclear testing era also have higher rates of lymphoma and kidney cancer, and even in 2011, people in the USA get about 50 per cent more background radiation (about 3 millisevierts a year, compared to 2) than the rest of the world because of nuclear testing 50 years ago.A single CT scan, however, exposes an individual to 100 times more radiation than the fallout from over 100 air-burst nuclear bombs. According to civil defense authorities of the 1950's and of FEMA today, a concrete block basement shelter could be built without contractors and with relatively inexpensive materials. Don't take massive doses of iodine to protect yourself from radioactive iodine that isn't in your environment.

The US government even has a compensation program for people who have developed leukemia and lymphoma as a result of exposure to fallout.
If you buy your produce from local farmers, you will at least know whether they (or your general area) has been exposed to fallout or any other environmental hazard, unlike buying imported produce.
Don't stop using dairy products because you are concerned about radioactive iodine in milk. If anything, the major contaminant in milk would be radioactive cesium—which remains in the environment far longer than radioactive iodine.

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