National Broadcasters like Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) sent its reporter to make live broadcast from disaster areas in Aceh. In Aceh, community radios have been developed according to the local characteristics, cultures and customs.
Few days after the Tsunami, residents in Aceh had trouble gathering information since the tsunami washed away the infrastructures and devices necessary to watch TV or listen to radio. Indonesia is now developing an early warning system against all hazards in order to reduce and mitigate damages.
Some activites that relate to preventive and anticipative activities are education regarding disaster anticipation in offices, schools, residences and others through television and radio broadcasts as well as printed leaflets. Through these systems and equipments, we hope to reduce the damages and victims caused by future disasters. Tables B-5 and B-6 and Figures B-3 through B-5, depict the arrangement of communication equipment and the radio net configuration within the platoon. The villagers participated and supported the radio stations, getting involved in many different ways.
Even public broadcasters such as the Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) could not operate for almost a month (Satria, 2008). The radios broadcasted the locations and sizes of victims who had not received any support from the government or NGOs.
The other parties that will be involved in this system are the broadcasters and cellular operators that distribute information regarding the hazard and disaster through television, radio and short message service (SMS).
To make their systems run effectively, the organizations make networks and relationships with National Search and Rescue Agency, Ministry of Public Works, local governments and others, including Universities, Mosques and Churches. Police radio communication by handy talkie, cellular phones, sirens, bells, loudspeakers, display as well as traditional instruments will be used to deliver information to people in residences and public places such as mosques, churchs, temples, markets, etc. They were able to broadcast early warning reports against the repeated earthquakes and tsunami. The BFV requires an exit bank slope not greater than 17 percent and can fire both its 25-mm and 7.62-mm systems while swimming, though care must be taken not to hit the trim vane or water barrier (cannot fire below +7 degrees).
Case 1 - Solar powered radio warning system (Hokuyo Construction, Conlux Matsumoto) CIRCUIT DESIGN, INC. Radio communication between transmitter and receiver is used eliminating the need for any wiring or cables and making installation of them much easier.
Using rain gauge (Tipping bucket rain gauge, rainfall monitoring data logger), monitor rainfall and send warning.
Using a wired transmitter and receiver system and still possible to connect to warning system.

We heard about Circuit Design through Conlux and were also familiar with the company through TV and radio commercials. With its simple functionality, we were able to implement a sensor for mud flow and connect to a warning rotary beacon. With the merit of having an emergency warning system done wirelessly, even if the warning system installation costs go up, this is made up for by the convenience of having a wireless system instead of wired system. In November 2013, at the mudflow disaster site in Izu Oshima, many systems were installed there.
This solar powered warning system can be installed temporarily or permanently and even if installed temporarily, can easily be converted to a permanent installation.
The other institution, Combine Resource Institution (CRI) from Jogjakarta developed a program called Atjeh Emergency Radio Network (AERnet) with support from Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF), funded by the World Bank, for developing the information and communication networks through community radio.
The National Center for Early Warning System was established under the National Coordinating Board that is supervised by the President and Vice President. In case of an impending disaster, the policy focuses on disseminating accurate early warning information promptly to the people in locations that are about to be hit, so that they may protect themselves or evacuate to a safer place. Through the use of special armorplate materials, surface slope, and a unique laminate armor system, the BFV has excellent armor protection for its weight.
Like police radio scanners, the news service has become the early warning advisory of breaking news for hundreds of print and broadcast editorial offices.
The perceptions of those who are distanced from a disaster area are more often shaped or determined by radio or TV broadcasts. The first community radio, the Suara Muhammadiyah in Banda Aceh, was supported by the Central Commitee of Muhammadiyah and the news agency Radio 68H in Jakarta. HEI-T has a 5-meter bursting radius that enables this ammunition to be used in both point and area target engagements. For example, RRI (Radio of Republic of Indonesia) reported lively from the emergency tents through its program called Radio-based Disaster Management.
While keeping construction workers safe, for the local residents in the area an emergency warning system that can immediately supply a warning is used.
Depending on the situation, there are places where relay system (using 3, 4 relay units) is necessary and places where direct route between transmitter and receiver is enough. We explained this to Conlux (supplier of the system), they re-assured you (Hokuyo Construction) that it would be solved. This warning system has gained recognition in its market and there have been many requests from the administrative agency and ministry to install such systems. CRI then developed another program called the Aceh-Nias Reconstruction Radio Network (ARRnet).

Although the extreme western edge of the Ring of Fire extends into the Indian Ocean, the point where this earthquake struck, no warning system existed in the Indian Ocean. They transmit a signal (by radio or wire) to a receiving set that indicates movement in the area and which sensor is reporting.
But a signal from a direct route which is normally of sufficient strength can interfere with signals in transmitter-receiver systems that use relay. The sensors will then transmit the data via satellite to the National Weather Service, which provides warnings through local communications channels to communities that may be affected by flooding.
Until then, there were no community radio stations but only commercial private radio stations. Damages included 1.3 million homes and buildings, 8 ports and 4 fuel deports, 92% of sanitation system, 120 km of roads and 18 bridges. No one questions the importance of radio and television stations in issuing emergency advices and public warnings about impending disasters.
Commercial radios in Banda Aceh were out of business; they were Flamboyan FM, Nikoya FM, Kontiki FM, CDBS FM and Toss FM. National Early Warning Systyem, as we will discuss later, included broadcasters into the system. Because of the radio warning system's superior performance, we were confident that we would not need to actively promote sale of this system and instead rely on word of mouth. The program successfully developed five community radios; Swara Meulaboh FM in Meulaboh Kabupaten Aceh Barat, Suara Sinabang FM in Sinabang Kabupaten Simeuleu, Seha FM in Jantho Kabupaten Aceh Besar, Al Jumhur FM in Simpang Mamplam Kabupaten Bireun, and Samudera FM in Geudong Kabupaten Aceh Utara. Setting up a communications infrastructure for timely warnings is an even bigger problem, particularly in a relatively poor part of the world.
For example, hurricanes and floods can be predicted at an early stage and warning announcements can be delivered several hours in advance. For news coverage, the system called the National Early Warning System News-Indonesia activates related organizations such as the Center National Disaster Management Coordinating Board (BAKORNAS), a local authority that deals with the police, local governments and communities.
Communication distance is 200 to 300 meters for voice warning by a loudspeaker and 1 to 2 kilometers by a siren.

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