Magnetic Resonance Stimulation - The Fifth Element of Good Health by Bryant MeyersYou probably know that food, oxygen, water and sleep are necessary for human survival. But you probably didn't know that magnetic resonance stimulation is just as important as the others. Now, you might find this hard to believe, but Yuri Gagrin's historic flight into space proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the human body needs magnetic resonance stimulation as a required element of human life.Since the first flight in space, the Russian space program and NASA have used magnetic resonance stimulation on every space mission up until even now.
Very simply magnetic resonance stimulation or pulsed magnetic field therapy is basically just a magnetic field that changes with time.

It turns out that the human body is continuously exposed to a natural pulsating magnetic field of the earth called Schumann resonance frequencies. Additionally we are exposed to the earths natural magnetic field and its pulsating frequencies.Studies have shown that the human body needs these earth-based pulsed magnetic fields.
First, we dont get enough of the healthy magnetic fields of the earth because all the structures we live in shield these fields and these fields are currently distorted by other unnatural fields. Well, there are now available devices that simulate the earths natural pulsed magnetic fields giving the body magnetic resonance stimulation in a way that's very close to how the earth does.

These devices are called pulsed magnetic therapy devices and there are currently many brands on the market.

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