Nuclear fallout shelters have been stigmatized as the ultimate prep for the paranoid and the butt of many jokes. Below is an illustration of a shelter I whipped up using information from the available sources as guides.
The shelter I’ve drawn here could be expensive to build and truthfully, the whole neighborhood would know you built it due to the size of the hole.
I myself do not think a lot of the people building shelters and giving good information to others so they know how to protect their loved ones is so bad, I don’t have a shelter but am happy for those who do and I do not think the main concern is nuclear power plant fallout, I think it is probably nuclear bombs most people who build the shelters are thinking of. My grandparents actually built a fallout shelter because it was part of the building code for the area in the 80s. The second is for the best radiation protection, the shelter should be at least 8 feet underground at the roof. My final thought of course is to bear in mind while this would make an excellent fallout shelter, it is by no means a blast shelter. The best blast shelters are made from either fiberglass or corrugated steel, and are designed to flex some under ground shock conditions. Well no one really knows how long would one need to stay in the shelter, could be 2 to 3 weeks or months on end or maybe a year or two maybe more who knows.
The thick walls would provide a lot more shielding than the stick-framed home, but the roof would still allow radiation from any airborne fallout to penetrate the home from above.

This house would provide the most protection and is the recommended minimum thickness for an above ground concrete fallout shelter. To build an underground shelter like this would require some careful engineering and construction expertise – so please do not attempt to build a shelter solely from what you read here. These items, as well as the food and water, would need to be stocked and stored prior to a disaster so that the family could escape to the shelter as soon as a threat was detected. The toilet end of the entryway would be as well shielded from radiation as the main shelter but would provide a little more privacy from the main shelter. So the air entering the shelter must be filtered to prevent fallout particles from being carried inside. In an actual emergency the likelihood of the electric grid going down is high; so this tiny shelter would need to be completely off-the-grid and powered by external solar panels or human power. Surviving the new reality that awaits for more than an hour would be a far bigger challenge than building a shelter. My grandparents had a chemical toilet standing in the corner of their shelter, with a shower-curtain around it. Utah Shelter Systems and Radius Engineering would be great examples of blast shelter manufacturers. If you’ve got a stick-built house with a basement, consider putting on a steel roof with a water pipe at the top, so you could wash fallout down the roof, into the gutters and into a cistern.

You need water, food, air purifire, power, books, so on, and would one go mental living in a combined space or sharing with someone else, would you start to hate each other after a time couped up with each other, and for keeping one clean having a wash, i spent one week in the bush without having a wash, i tell ya I stunk, and you need the water to do that, I am not putting shelters down in anyway I would love to have one, The cost to build one is not in everyones pockets, this is just something to think about. Solar panels would run the risk of being covered with fallout, so some kind of human power generator backup would need to be available. Here are some examples of small buildings I’ve some across in the past that would make decent fallout shelters. Include board games, books or magazines and dynamo-operated flashlights in the inventory of the shelter. You’re probably thinking more about your friends, loved ones and the rest of your community outside the shelter who are more than likely dead. Both entrances would provide a space for washing-off contamination before entering the shelter.

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