We also guarantee that no office records will be kept on the locations of our customers premises where Bunkers will be located.
We specialise in Domestic Nuclear Shelters that are designed to help normal civilians survive a nuclear conflict. Around the World there is a disturbing trend among some governments to accelerate their Nuclear shelter building programme's! Russian Television (RT) confirmed the construction in Moscow of 5,000 atomic bomb shelters.
The veritable Jesse Ventura, has went public with the truth that the United States government has been building massive underground nuclear facilities for years.
Remember, even if your not near an obvious 'Blast Zone', you will still require a Nuclear Bunker as they protect from lethal radiation fallout which ALL the British Isles will be subjected to!!!
The idea is to figure out exactly where in your yard or home basement to put your planned fallout shelter. If YOU think that somewhere, sometime soon there will be another bombing, possible larger, than you should consider making a shelter for you and your loved ones in or near your home.
IMPORTANT THOUGHT Sources for actual designs of fallout shelters: FEMA, Association of Civil Defense, books, online plans, EBay, etc.
Current Federal government thought on community shelters are to instead replace their use with various forms and methods of CRISIS RELOCATION, or moving mass populations out of cities into rural areas, where there would be less loss of life, at least as direct result of nuclear detonations. These days, you can actually order a PREFABRICATED nuclear shelter, and have it delivered to your back yard, and even installed by contractors in a weekend.

For EXCELLENT information that would assist you even further in FALLOUT SHELTER preparedness, read THESE pages available here in Civil Defense Now! This is to ensure you are not swamped by unwanted people who may wish to use you for your shelter because they never had enough foresight to build their own!
This report is concerned mostly with PERSONAL FALLOUT SHELTERS, but also covers other types of shelter.
Most fallout shelters have a masonry area covered at least by some earth to help slow down the path of gamma rays.
Many of these plans have made it to public light, and some plans and information are easily available, including downloadable plans on this site. If done this way, you can literally build a house or garage right on top of your BIG fallout shelter, and the stuff on the lower level will last for decades, while giving you many levels of protection from ANYTHING.The other idea that most intrigues me is a full blown earth sheltered home, buried in a southern facing hillside, with full off grid support systems, and very highly efficient in all system areas. Small towns across America still have these most highly visible, and recent trips thru such states as Utah and other conservative states displayed these old fallout shelter signs on many street corners.These community shelters can be, and sometimes are, used for other kinds of disasters, such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, chemical spills, and the like. Costs on these shelters can run from $6000 up to $50,000 and more, if EVERY option is ordered.There are also a couple of prefab plastic, fiberglass, or steel shelters that are primarily storm shelters, but in a real fallout situation, would be much better than open ground.
Call it anything but a shelter when asked, such as a root cellar, wine cellar, tornado shelter, a cistern for water storage, or many other things.
Your best choice for shelter these days, if money, low visibility, and multiple use are considered high priority, is to build your own shelter, on your own land.
There are many things to be considered, however, if you REALLY want to build a fallout shelter.

Details like actual radiation exposure, claustrophobia, amount of damage, blast waves, food and water, sanitation, and fresh air ALL must be considered in the ACTUAL USE of a fallout shelter.
This report seems to be one of the LAST full blown reports, however, in the area of shelters. The printing date of 1987 makes the report seem dated, but understand that little has occurred in nuclear weapon progress that would make data on shelter obsolete since this time frame.Now, regarding the specifics of a personal shelter, if you think times and political climates truly require YOU to build one, then you have many alternatives. There is plenty of other good survival information regarding food, air filtration, radiation shielding, and more, including full size plans for a KEARNEY EXPEDIENT FALLOUT METER.
In the past couple of years, several NEW options have appeared on the horizon for potential shelter customers. There have always been BUILD IT YOURSELF shelters around, dug into the backyard, built into the corner of the basement, or planned into the creation of a brand new home from the beginning. This could be a very useful way to blend in your shelter while making access to it very quick and easy in emergencies.
I have also seen plans where the shelter was used as an underground maintenance room for a swimming pool, with water pump, filters, and heating equipment for the pool all in the underground room.

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