Medical supplies will in all likelihood be the one thing you wish you had in any doomsday scenario.
There are a number of ready-made first aid kits that you can buy and lacking any alternatives you should absolutely purchase one. For the medications, stick to the simple medications and be aware of the expiration dates on each. During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, emergency rooms in Houston, Texas were filled with people who were looking for refills of prescription medication and didn’t have another more traditional source. Make sure you are familiar with the contents of your first aid kit regardless of whether you buy a kit or make your own. For medication in your first aid kit, be familiar with the expiration dates and restock any expired medication. Check cabinets, cupboards, and drawers for any first aid, medical supplies, or medications you might already have at your house. They carry a huge array of antibiotics and dewormers (dewormers would not be a bad thing to add to this kit.. I LOVE my essential oils, and I wholeheartedly also believe in several homeopathic remedies; however, this article focuses more on the traditional medicine side of our medical kit.
They are the exact same medication you would get at a human pharmacy, but do not require a prescription and are generally much, much cheaper than getting some from your physician. BUT you can print out this checklist and add a few things to your kit each time you head to the grocery store. The kits in BOB’s tend to be sparse and if it is a true TEOTWAWKI situation then in the long run the bigger kit would be essential to try and have. We have smaller, lighter medical kits in our BOBs that have only the essentials for survival, but this kit covers pretty much anything we might encounter as a self-reliant family.

Drug companies typically don’t test medications long enough to determine if they are still potent.
Since then, scientists and medical professionals have done copious amounts of research: learned things we never knew were possible, cured diseases, and fabricated medicines to relieve symptoms and death. You can find much cheaper alternatives by buying medical glue for veterinarians, which happen to be made of the same ingredients for the most part.
This entry was posted in Survival and tagged first aid kit, First Aid Materials, Improvised First Aid Materials. Another pair of real medical professionals who recommend fish and bird anti-biotics for survival situations are Dr.
She has a great video explaining many of the things on my list, plus a video about finding great medical supplies at the Dollar Tree! My personal opinion on expiration dates for medications, especially solid ones, is to ignore them.
As a critical care nurse myself, I agree with the majority of items in this kit but it leaves me wondering where she obtained some of the items because you cannot get them at any pharamacy,medical supply store, etc that I can find. I also see some it’s that I would consider duplicate items and some that unless they are found in the kits in her area are missing because they are not included in the kits in my area. There is a wide range of medical applications for using duct tape, including frostbite prevention, building slings and splints, and of course fixing cuts. And if hypothetically speaking, you still have an injury but don’t have access to a modern medical facility, you may have to improvise your sewing materials. By Lisa 6 CommentsThe Best First Aid Kit For Every HomeOne area of prepping that seems to get a lot of attention is having a first aid kit. Most equipment mentioned here is not illegal to own, they are just hard to find without connections in the medical community.

That is why I said the antibiotics topic needs to be a whole separate post And I do mention taking caution with any medical advice stated on this website on my Disclaimer if you would like to read it.
I most certainly would always buy latex-free just because latex allergies are now so common and medically devastating. Also, the glue releases small amounts of formaldehyde during the curing process. Fortunately there are numerous medical versions of this glue on the market that address these problems. Every home should have a basic first aid kit, and especially when considering a disaster or life changing scenario, you will need medical supplies. The medical supplies could be different depending on the needs of your family, but this list will give you a good idea about what direction to go, and how to save money doing it. This is a little more than a basic first aid kit, but it has everything you will need in case of an emergency in your home, or if you are unable to get to a doctor for whatever reason.
The pads are convenient and light which makes them great to have for a small first aid kit that can fit in your glove box or purse.
For the total amount that the above first aid kit would cost you, you could buy seven quick clot dressings.
I hope that my first aid kit will give you some ideas, and help get you on your way of creating a first aid kit to keep yourself and your family safe. I mean its nice when your nurse can establish a cpecific pathogen in your body and prescribe correct medication, but in survival situation I wouldn’t be messing with antibiotics unless I was absolutely sure about my problem. Since antibiotics also have considerable side effects I was just curious about your professional opinion about inclusion of antibiotics into first aid kit, thanksReply Lisa Goodwin saysAugust 23, 2013 at 8:38 PM Hello Michael, As I was writing a response to this question I got a little long winded and decided that others could benefit from this question as well.

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