As winter closes in over the UK, harbingers of doom predict sleet, snow and endless days of rain… and sometimes it feels like they are right. If you are going away over the winter period it can be tempting to turn the heating off to save money, but don’t do this. With summer quickly fading away and fall starting to set in, that means that winter is right around the corner. Reversing your ceiling fans is one of the best and easiest ways to help set up your home for the winter.
Any warm weather equipment should be stored away for the winter to protect them from the elements. Stock up on necessary winter supplies such as snow salt, emergency supplies, and maybe even a gas powered generator if you live in a remote area. The UK has had some rotten winters of late with record breaking flooding and extremely cold temperatures.  We are a country that is ill equipped for both too hot weather and too cold weather, but there are preventative measures that we can take to make sure that even the harshest of winters don’t treat us too badly. This will prevent heat from escaping and help to keep the house warm but will also prevent ice dams from forming. Since winter is well on its way, the time to start winterizing your home is now, and if not now, soon. A counter-clockwise rotation is great for the summer because it forces cooler air downwards closer to the ground, but a clockwise rotation will do the opposite, forcing warmer air downwards instead.

A good day to do this is when the wind is particularly blustery so you can easily identify any air from the outside that is making its way into your home. Homeowners who refuse to winterize their homes before the cold weather sets in are only exposing their homes to extremely low temperatures, snow, and sleet. Ice dams occur when too much heat escapes from the home, the heat causes snow to melt and then later refreeze, which in turn causes damage to your property. As well the risk of fires breaking out in faulty heating systems, it’s a horrible experience to run out of heat and hot water during a particularly cold winter spell.
As soon as you let your home get cold things will start to suffer; think burst pipes, ice dams and structural issues. Oftentimes, homeowners become intimidated whenever the topic of winterization comes up, but you would be surprised how cheap and easy it really is, especially considering the possible consequences if you DON’T winterize your home. We recommend using insulation material that has been manufactured to repair holes and cracks, or you can use a do it yourself method such as tape to cover up holes.
Lawnmowers should have all the fuel drained out of them before being put into storage, especially if you plan on storing your lawnmower in an unheated storage space.
Louis TornadoesRahul on What To Do When Your Basement Floodswayne brasler on Tornado Damage in St. A brief odor when you first turn on your furnace is okay, just become worried if it lingers.

However, there is no guarantee that your do it yourself method will work, so we strongly suggest using insulation materials.
Along with putting your summer equipment away, you will want to take out your winter equipment such as snow shovels and snow blowers . If that is the case, then you will want a professional to come inspect your furnace so that it is working properly when the cold weather hits. You also want to make sure you are aware of where your turn-off valve is for the water main. You can cover your storm windows and cover up window panes using thin plastic insulation from your local home improvement store.
Don’t be afraid to contact us for any winterization questions, comments, or concerns at 636-728-0580 in Missouri or 618-235-1931 in Illinois.
You will need to know this if you have to turn off the water to prepare for a winter storm or blizzard.
This is especially important with ducts since a majority of lost heat in the home is through poorly fitted air ducts.

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