Flood water is dangerous — a few inches of fast-flowing water can knock over an adult and two feet of water can move a car. Strong winds and record breaking rain across the United Kingdom with the worst flooding concentrated in Cumbria. 2008 Morpeth Flood (September) The river Wansbeck bursts its banks following torrential rainfall after an already exceptionally wet season causing damage to over 1000 properties. Householders in Hellingly have been the first to benefit from a combined initiative by Wealden District Council and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service to raise awareness about flood prevention.
Please tell us what you think by using the Website Feedback form, which you can find at the bottom of each page. On 9 June, severe flooding began around Aberystwyth, West Wales with people having to be evacuated; 150 people were saved from lifeboats with 4-5ft of water. Over 400 rescues took place; related flooding across the English Midlands and the North East.

November sees renewed flooding especially in Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. Doorstep visits by firefighters, community volunteers and Police Community Support Officers has more than doubled the number of homes who are now more aware and therefore flood prepared. The correct dosage of ORS for children up to 2 years and beyond 2 years is given in the leaflet.
Consider self-absorbent flood bags as an alternative or additional resource (PDF how to use sandbags). The pilot project identified 474 properties in Hellingly as being at risk from flooding or the effects of flooding.
Following the visits, 95 per cent of the householders who were spoken to now feel confident about coping with flooding. The recent rise in the number of new homes in Hellingly highlighted the need to make sure everyone was flood aware.

Working in partnership with East Sussex Fire & Rescue, Hellingly Parish Council, East Sussex County Council and the Environment Agency, Wealden has been helping target those households where there is a higher flooding risk with advice and useful information about preparing for and coping with flooding. During three days of visits, 124 home owners were spoken to, with information left for those residents who were out. All the 474 homes identified as being at risk from the effects of flooding received an information pack including fridge magnet giving key contact information. Evaluation of the Hellingly pilot indicated that before the visits, only 40% of the 124 households felt prepared for a flooding event.

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