Develop a detailed plan of action to secure your vessel in the marina or take your boat to a previously identified storm refuge. Fully charge the batteries and check to ensure their capability to run automatic bilge pumps for the duration of the storm. Consolidate all records including insurance policies, a recent photo of your vessel, boat registration, equipment inventory, and the lease agreement with the marina or storage facility. If you’re on a budget, pulling together the items you need to prepare for a bad storm, like a hurricane, can seem daunting.
Fill clean, empty plastic coffee containers with water and place them in your freezer as a source of clean drinking water and to help keep your freezer cold during power outages because of storm damage.
Combine coupons, customer appreciation discounts, sales and rebates at pharmacies and grocery stores to purchase hygiene items such as bleach, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, personal wipes, rubber gloves and disinfectants at the lowest possible price. Store one day’s dose of each medication per week until you have a total of a three-day to seven-day supply of each medication you or family members need in a separate plastic zipper bag for each of them.

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Many residents of New York and New Jersey are not used to storms like this striking their shores.
As hurricane Irene is approaching the Eastern seaboard, residents in low-laying areas must seek higher ground immediately and have little time to prepare their homes for the storm. But for those homeowners who are sticking it out through the hurricane or live in areas that aren’t under an evacuation order there are steps you can take to protect your windows as well as your own safety from broken blown in glass. Check for structural damage before re-entering your home to avoid being trapped in a building collapse and take photos. Winds, during a hurricane, can exceed 100 mph and tornadoes are often associated with these storms. Pour the gasoline into a 5-gallon or larger gas can and store it until you are ordered to evacuate.

For safety’s sake, get them up before the wind picks up and turns these sheets into sails. Save any damaged personal property, keep power off until an electrician has inspected your system for safety and boil water for food and drinking until authorities tell you that your water supply is safe. This ensures that you will have enough gas for your vehicle without a large expense all at once. The best screws for this purpose are galvanized pan-heads or lags, which have flat-bottomed heads that won’t sink into and weaken the plywood.

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