Natural disasters affect thousands of homes every year, and while we can’t stop these emergencies, we can be prepared for them. You’ll also find resources that explain what you can do to protect your home and family before, during, and after common natural disasters. Camouflages, and boost weapon proficiency for your everybody need to contemplate you construct your personal.
In a disaster power and communication infrastructure is often damaged which means there is no way to communicate. Every Chrysalis employee is trained in CPR and First Aid and each house contains an emergency first aid kit to treat minor wounds caused by the disaster. Just about a month ago Symantec released the global findings of its 2012 Disaster Preparedness Survey which, as expected, generated a good amount of attention in terms of its results. Second, an overwhelming number of companies cited server virtualization (71%) as the most beneficial technology to implement to be prepared for a disaster.
All governmental and private entities responsible for large segments of the population  should be prepared for these fateful natural disasters and put into force mitigation techniques to reduce potential risk and loss of life.
Those who leveraged mobility, private clouds, public clouds or server virtualization found that they were better prepared to respond to a disaster than before they implemented these technologies.
Those who implemented server virtualization were the most satisfied with 71% of them saying it had a positive impact on their level of disaster preparedness. So if you have not already implemented server virtualization, it behooves you to do so if for no reason you are better prepared for a disaster. At Chrysalis we feel that the responsibility of preparedness starts with the person and with Chrysalis.

Citizens, local governments and the federal government alike were not prepared for the devastation because they used history as a template for future events. The mantra leading up to a natural disaster, from local authorities and even from many experts is to stock up on candles, food, water and batteries and have enough for at least three days. The manual has not been updated to account for an antiquated infrastructure and power grids and it does not consider the financial conditions of cities and the country as a whole. There is currently a debate in Washington DC as to whether or not to allocate funds for the cities and citizens affected by super storm sandy, this is months after the storm. Visit Choice Home Warranty’s Natural Disasters Safety Guide to find out how you can prepare your home today.
There were three findings in Symantec’s 2012 Disaster Preparedness Survey released on May 14, 2012, that grabbed the majority of the attention of the press already written about this survey. Information, preparation and understanding of these massive natural disasters is critical for the effective reduction in loss of life and limb.
Natural disasters like tsunamis, tornados, and maybe even hurricanes seem to grab most of the attention in the national headlines and often prompt people to implement disaster preparedness measures. History has shown time and again that people who prepare for emergencies and natural disasters experience less disruption when they do occur, and are able to resume their lives more quickly than those who do not prepare. The ad hoc repairs always seem to be just enough to get a city or community to the next disaster. Remember that law enforcement will be stretched thin and response times will be prolonged so consider home defense when preparing for an emergency. No matter where you live, your home is at risk of being hit by natural disasters that have the potential to devastate your property.

Another statistic that caught my eye was the types of natural disasters that occur from time to time at one or more of your locations.
In other words, the government assumes they will have boots on the ground within three days of a disaster. You can protect your home with appropriate planning, supplies, and home improvements so that you’ll be ready in when disaster strikes.
Even the above chart of natural disasters fails to capture the most common forms of natural disasters for which companies need to be prepared to respond.
The take away from all this is that you as a citizen may very well be on your own for days, weeks or even longer in the event of a natural disaster. The items are not disaster specific because you will need most of the supplies, tools and materials during any crisis.
You may very well be at work when disaster strikes and you need to know where your children will be located and how to pick them up.
Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners find fast solutions, excellent service technicians and value for their money. So as I look first at the high level conclusions that got the majority of the attention in the press and then take into account some of these gems included deeper in the report, there are three action items for companies.First, if you live an area that has frequent power outages or storms, you should be at front and center in making sure your company is ready to respond to a disaster.

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