The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy should be a wakeup call to many organisations on the disruption such disasters can cause.
With just one month to the end of the 2012 hurricane season, and looking forward to 2013 and beyond, here are four questions that should be asked by managers and business owners when preparing an organisation for a possible disaster. In the longer term, and especially if an organisation’s premises has been badly damaged, it might be prudent to consider, and to devise a plan of action, on how the premises, and operations at those premises, may be restored in the days, weeks and months following a disaster. Sahana disaster preparedness system is addressing four basic functionalities in disaster preparedness.
Warning system in Sahana disaster preparedness system is focus on issue warnings on identified disasters and declair them. However, it might also be instructive to contact your local emergency management (disaster preparedness) office, which should be able to offer some advice and may have available to share, more relevant or country-specific disaster planning tools.
This functionalities helps to maintain the disaster history which is important to planning and public education.
In Sahana disaster preparedness system it is focus on geographical regions rather than specifying communities. Identify details of areas under threat of disasters, authorities information and geographical information.

Evacuation plan is describe how people in areas under threat should be allocated to safe areas after a disaster occurs.
Identifying and tracking those information will helps to do a efficient and effective planing for recover or minimize the damage and public education. Public recovery plan which use for educate people and system recovery plan is for system administrators or authorities which are not valuable for public.
A disaster plan allows an organisation to consider and implement steps that would help it to manage risk and mitigate possible losses associated with each type of disaster.
This post highlights some critical questions that should be addressed to facilitate better preparedness. It will helps to recover from damages and minimize the damage and the effects of a disaster. Public Education Repoert is the most important report and disaster history and GIS based reports are the other important reports in this module. Assessing Vulnerability of Sahana disaster preparedness id divided in to two basic functionalities. Although our earlier post, 5 important practices to ensure your electronic data survives a disaster, focussed on measures that should be implemented, primarily from an IT perspective, the points raised, to varying degrees, can be adapted to be applicable across the entire organisation.

In our July post, we discussed 5 important practices to ensure your electronic data survives a disaster. With regard to the former, the emphasis is on establishing interim arrangements that allow an organisation to still operate, or to undertake critical functions in the anticipation of and immediately following a disaster.
It is emphasised that the agreed measures should be dovetailed into a more comprehensive disaster plan, and of course, should be implemented well in advance of a disaster to ensure adequate preparedness. Sahana disaster preparedness system is addressing requirements of pre disaster deployments. For organisations that offer essential products or services to their clients – especially international clients, who might not be similarly affected by the disaster as their supplier organisations – it would be vital for them to still be in a position to service those customers, to ensure their continued viability. Particular geographical region or a community in danger should be identified to handle the next step of disaster preparedness or disaster management.

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