A terrorist strike on a DHL plane in Iraq forces its flight crew to make an emergency landing.
Polish Air Force Tupolev Tu-154M: It was an air disaster that crippled a country, heightened tensions between two nations, and ignited conspiracy theories worldwide. What was supposed to be a joyous homecoming for the elite 101st Airborne Division ends in a tragic plane crash. Disaster strikes a Munich airport and rocks the sports world when a charter aircraft carrying the Manchester United soccer team crashes.
See how investigators and their findings lead to major changes in aircraft landing procedures after a disaster at San Diego's Lindbergh Airport. Take a harrowing journey into the past, aboard five flights doomed by communication breakdowns, and chart the changes these air disasters forced.

As the passengers and crew of Flight 191 to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport prepared for landing, a deadly force took shape in their path.
From the board room to a casual holiday party, Phillip Michael Fashion has the latest fashions for men. In a statement, North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin says information from reports like this can be used to help plan for the future and mitigate risk.
Now You’re Prepared!If you follow these simple tips and share them with your friends and family members, then you will be prepared and safe for any natural disaster anytime anywhere!
Widely considered to be the safest form of travel, air transportation is still in its infancy and when midair calamity strikes, the results are often catastrophic. It’s designed to provide states a benchmark to assess risks and implement action plans to increase their preparedness levels.

Relive four pivotal aviation disasters and near misses that ultimately forced the industry to better protect our planes from severe weather encounters. Have your survival kit in a safe place at all times and be ready because you’ll never know when a natural disaster can come your way!

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