This could be the same for you and your food supplies that are all written neatly in a binder or on a downloadable excel spreadsheet or parked on a DVD you bought online from a survival expert.
If you haven’t begun storing food for your family because you haven’t finished watching a DVD or your excel spreadsheet isn’t completely accurate with the quantities and current prices for all 1000 food items you need, you should try something else. What I want to give you is a simple food supply plan that can feed a family of 4 for a month, can be purchased in about one trip out and will cost you a few hundred dollars.

Use this plan if you haven’t started anything yet or simply need a jump start on your emergency food supply list for your home. Unless you have the next item.Honey – Honey as you probably know has been called the perfect survival food. A bottle for each of you would cost about $8.Water – I know this list was about emergency food supplies, but I will throw water in here too because if you are going to the trouble of taking care of food, you should knock out water at the same time.

Act before you need this food and take care of your family.Next steps would be to work on medical supplies, and security.

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