Digital camera + batteries (You’ll need to take photos of all quake damage for your insurance company.
It’s very likely that phone service and electricity (let alone internet) will be down for at least a few hours. Turn on your radio to monitor emergency broadcasts, and if you still have mobile internet connection, check Twitter for #earthquake and related hashtags. GlobalGiving: has launched the global Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, to support on-the-ground organizations that provide emergency services. Check your your earthquake kits to be sure that food, water and batteries have not expired.

When daylight came an hour or two later, I learned why brick and cinderblock structures are bad ideas in earthquake-prone areas like Los Angeles. My anxiety over Los Angeles disaster scenarios has lead to my most thorough and useful blog posts so far.
Outside of first aid kits (which are usually comprehensive), kits are usually overpriced and understocked so I recommend making this earthquake kit yourself instead because it’s cheaper and more useful. You don’t want to be searching for these items when you need them, especially since the contents of drawers and cabinets might be strewn on the floor after a quake. Also, the ritual itself of hand-preparing an earthquake kit will ensure you know what’s inside of it, and hopefully give you a psychological feeling of calmed readiness.

The devastating 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan Thursday night is a reminder to be prepared for earthquakes, floods, wildfires and other disasters. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all of those impacted by the earthquake and tsunami relief effort.
Shelterbox provides assistance to afflicted countries by delivering large utility boxes containing a shelter and emergency relief tools, and has already launched an international fundraising effort for Japan.

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