This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry.
Mosby Building Arts has prepared many homeowners for emergencies with back-up power generators and safe rooms, and are available to talk with you about preparing in advance for emergencies.
Everyone has slightly different needs, and while a few of these (like emergency preparedness kits) are a good idea for everyone, some are more specialized depending on your needs.
As the name implies, a traditional go bag is a single bag you can walk out of your house in case of an emergency.
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It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. Here are eight kits you should keep in your home to prepare yourself for the most common emergency situations you might face.

Still, variations on these kits should be useful for nearly everyone, so here they are, loosely ordered from least to most essential.
For this reason, Simple Productivity recommends you keep an office survival kit in your desk for emergencies. Dozens of ideas, loads of how-tos, and the latest advice on the projects and products you need to improve your home today, plus special offers. The kit should be large enough to hold everything needed, and can be easily carried should you have to leave the home. It's to get you through the night when Home Depot is closed or your maintence guy is out of town.
Twice-monthly advice for bringing your home outdoors, from year-round yard upkeep and planning to the wonders of making your garden grow, plus special offers. Monthly advice on how to make your home eco-friendly, including energy and water saving tips, healthy home products, green remodeling, and more, plus special offer.

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In advance, prepare one or more kits that will contain everything you need to tough out the hours and days after a disaster. Pre-assembled emergency kits are available for about the same price to assemble your own, though being able to tailor a kit to your unique situation can be a comfort should there come a time it must be used.

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