As a coastal state, Georgia is at risk for hurricanes that form in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.
Use this hurricane preparation checklist to make sure you have everything you need before a hurricane or tropical storm hits Florida. Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage even hundreds of miles inland, so every resident needs to understand their risks and should plan what to do in the event of an evacuation. Even after the hurricane and after flood waters recede, roads may be weakened and could collapse.
It’s empty now, but it’s a reminder that as we approach the height of the hurricane season this month, it is a good time to prepare before a storm hits.

Been there done that!And if you’re planning on others saving you – you might want to think again!I made ALL the newbie mistakes when we experienced our 1st Hurricane nearly 6 years ago! Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need before a hurricane or tropical storm hits your town. It’s embarrassing to admit that 6 years ago I had no clue a hurricane was even about to hit us until I saw all my neighbors boarding up their windows. Fuel is usually scarce after a hurricane, and many stations even limit the amount of gas you can purchase after waiting in line. I realized really quick during the Hurricane that practically everything I use is completely useless without electricity!Power is usually the first thing to go in any situation, so having an alternate power source can make life after a disaster a little more bearable.  A popular option is a generator, but remember you need gas to keep it going and they are extremely noisy.As big as the generator is I thought if would power my whole house, but I was way off!

You really need to figure out before-hand what are the most important thing you want to keep running and get a generator powerful enough to run them. The water would have to rise several hundred feet before even getting close, or I would have to drop.
Bullet Proof Vest: What You Should Know Before Getting One 50 Emergency Apps: Turn Your Phone into a Life-Saving Device!

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