A couple holds hands and walks amid the wreckage of their Haiti's wounded landscape after the 2010 earthquake Photograph by the Washington Post. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods impose an economic toll that can disrupt and undermine a fragile country for a long time. First, the authors propose designing schools that can withstand earthquakes to reduce damage and also the number of fatalities to children, teachers and other staff. On Monday, we will look at an issue that has really emerged as a focal point for the developing world in the past few years: biodiversity. Haiti's official seismologist, who predicted the recent earthquake, has warned that an even stronger one is likely to hit Port-au-Prince within the next 20 years. A memorial ceremony is held at a mass gravesite outside Port-au-Prince: The Haitian government is now debating whether the capital should be moved.
Prepetit has divided Haiti into risk zones, based on information his staff has compiled and applied to a map of the country. The Haitians could rebuild the capital to look more or less the way it did before the quake, except with more stable official buildings, naturally. An earthquake already destroyed the city once before, in 1751, and the survivors rebuilt Port-au-Prince.
Sign up for Spiegel Online's daily newsletter - and get the best of Der Spiegel's and Spiegel Online's international coverage in your In-Box everyday. In all actuality Blakely did absolutely nothing during his post Katrina time in New Orleans other than travelling on the city`s dime and appearing for photo ops. All the poor man is doing now is going over well established dogma regarding disaster preparation and recovery. Just thinking about him attacking Haiti with his Condo Style of urban planning chills my blood. The world’s largest cities, supercities and megacities, are disproportionately located in “plate boundary settings” where tectonic strain rates (and earthquake risk) is high. The world has another three decades in its projected building boom, but it is unlikely that earthquake resistance will happen in the developing nations, where buildings are sprouting most prolifically. So, take a few minutes to make the effort to make sure you are secure in an unsure world, by getting your earthquake kit all set. Elsewhere in the world an earthquake was reported in Mexico and two strong quakes were reported new Indonesia. If you live in areas at risk for earthquakes, make sure to have an emergency earthquake kit ready at all times. It's been a year since an earthquake brought a devastating tsunami with its massive destruction to the Japanese coastal areas. MobileAid 3-Day Emergency Earthquake Kits for 1, 2 or 4 people provide crush-resistant protection for your emergency supplies. MobileAid Emergency Earthquake Survival Kits provide superior crush protection, mobility, functionality, organization, and design. The first three proposals are designed to better protect against damage and loss of life from earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, and the final one is intended to more generally increase the resilience of communities. For years, he had taken precise measurements and performed careful calculations, and he had done his job exceedingly well.
The more fortunate of the newly homeless have plastic tarps, mattresses or wooden boards to build tents for themselves.
The 2010 earthquake in Haiti starkly illustrated what happens when natural disasters strike an unprepared and poor country. Now the Haitian government is debating how and if the capital should be rebuilt -- or if it should be moved elsewhere. He jumped up and took shelter in the doorframe, because good doorframes are more capable of standing up to an earthquake than walls, something that Prepetit knows well.

That is the national government needs to be ready with requirements for subordinate levels of government and the expectations for individuals. As devastating as the Haiti earthquake was, it foreshadows far-deadlier earthquakes likely in coming centuries.
Furthermore, with today’s population of 6.6 billion and with two-dozen cities larger than 8 milion, “we may reasonably expect an earthquake that could kill more than a million people every 100 years or so,” Bilham writes. With or without an earthquake early warning system in your area, make sure your have your earthquake kit ready.
Each disaster around the world brings devastation and sadness, but also an opportunity to learn and prepare ourselves for the day that our neighborhood might sadly be in the headlines. These features mean that your emergency supplies will stand a much better chance of making it through a major earthquake undamaged in a MobileAid Emergency Earthquake Kit than will earthquake supplies stored in a regular backpack or plastic bin. To help you be prepared for an earthquake, see the LifeSecure full line of earthquake preparedness kits and earthquake supplies. He jumped up and took shelter in the doorframe, because good doorframes are more capable of standing up to an earthquake than walls, something that Prepetit knows well. 12 earthquake, University of Colorado Professor Roger Bilham was among the first seismologists to survey the damage. In an innovative paper for Copenhagen Consensus 2012 released today, Professors Howard Kunreuther and Erwann Michel-Kerjan from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania propose a series of concrete actions that would reduce the vulnerability of poor nations to such large-scale catastrophes.
Costs vary dramatically from country to country: In the Solomon Islands it would cost just $36 million to retrofit schools with cumulative total benefits worth $187 million, but for all other countries the benefits are dramatically lower, meaning that any program of global reach would probably pay back less than the initial investment. In fact, as the Haitian government's official seismologist, he knows everything about earthquakes. We have averted major natural disasters and responded well to large scale events such as the earthquake in Newcastle, fires in Victoria and floods in Queensland. For reasons of data protection and privacy, your IP address will only be stored if you are a registered user of Facebook and you are currently logged in to the service.
As Bilham noted in the Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering last year, rapid population growth in earthquake-prone areas—combined with slapdash construction—has left millions more at significant risk of death. A group of Haitians picks up the pieces after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that took place on Jan. If you live in earthquake country, be prepared with an earthquake kit designed to protect your supplies in an earthquake and to support you after an earthquake. Seating and gear-carrying platform: allows for people to be seated to rest and can be used to transport additional equipment and supplies (supports up to 300 lbs). MobileAid Emergency Earthquake kits and Emergency Trauma First Aid Stations can help you survive by helping your earthquake supplies survive. Buildings can be engineered to withstand earthquakes, but developing nations have been reluctant or unable to impose and enforce such standards, despite the incremental additional cost being less than 15 percent. After having spent years warning about the possibility of an earthquake striking Haiti, he can hardly be blamed for what happened there. Prepetit has divided Haiti into risk zones, based on information his staff has compiled and applied to a map of the country. In the journal Nature, Bilham summarized what he saw in Haiti: “The reason for the disaster was clear in the mangled ruins—the buildings had been doomed during their construction,” he wrote. In a severe earthquake, second only to surviving yourself is making sure that your earthquake emergency survival kit makes it through the initial earthquake with your emergency supplies intact. Make sure you have your earthquake kit prepared as much of the United States is covered by earthquake zones.
Hopefully what they did leave is a bit of a wake up call for the need for earthquake preparedness. Intervals between major earthquakes can be much longer, meaning that some populations might not understand the risk they face.

It is critical then that your emergency supplies be protected from the falling debris that can crush your unprotected earthquake supplies. There will be no warning when an earthquake hits, so advanced preparation will be the only preparation possible.
Haiti’s earthquake was three times more fatal than any historical 7.0-magnitude quake and is the third most lethal earthquake of any magnitude in human history. Most of the fatal earthquakes in the last 1,400 years have occurred on 12 percent of the Earth’s surface area—a swath of land that extends between London and Tokyo, between the equator and the 45th parallel. Those with an earthquake early warning system include: Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, and Romania. This protective frame features a perforated exoskeleton design with secure joints, and chrome-plated screws with shake-proof nylon aircraft lock nuts for extra strength.
No government is prepared to immediately meet the needs of its entire population after a devastating earthquake.
In essence, luck improves with smart anticipatory actions.The Haiti earthquake and Hurricane Katrina are warnings that something big is going to happen in our hemisphere at sometime in the not-too-distant future.
The council would conduct national vulnerability and risk data analysis and assessments for making adjustments in resources in current entities such as the military so they can deploy resources for civil disasters quickly with known communications and organisational instruments in place. All of these features together will allow you to respond immediately, effectively and confidently to a major earthquake and its aftermath. I have yet to find threat one for the midwest is in the works (please comment if you know about one. Let's be realistic, the global earthquake map shows its deepest rings in the oceans and landmasses just north of Australia.
MobileAid Multi-function Trauma First Aid Stations featured the same crush-resistant frames as our earthquake kits and provide comprehensive trauma first aid supplies that meet OSHA guidelines and ANSI standards. We don't want an episode such as Katrina or Haiti where different levels of governments are unable to co-ordinate responses.
For example, Kobe in Japan was one of the world's largest steel exporting ports in the world before the earthquake and fire in 1995.
The aim of these plans is not to just stop the damage but to re-position the damaged community for a new life with re-designed housing, schools, business and community services capable of surviving the next shock.* Decentralising electric power and water.
The failures of power and water for short periods reduces food supplies, raises risk of death from exposure or inoperable health systems. Solar power with large battery systems similar to those being deployed in the US would be back ups for the grid.* Municipal emergency management plans should tie into the state disaster and hazard plans for evacuation and restoration. We can see how the reliance on central hospitals and medicines leads to unnecessary and painful circumstances even death.Local Level* Community facilities need to be designed to host people in an event rather than to evacuate clogging roads that emergency vehicles need for access.
These schools, churches or community facilities would be equipped with portable bedding and equipment for cooking etc with stored water and tinned food supplies that are rotated for freshness.* The State Emergency Service is a wonderful group able to respond to many type of localised event.
This approach worked for us in WWII.* Each community must have a plan and the leaders to carry them out. Much of Haitian and Katrina urban unrest come from a lack of anyone locally who can get and receive information and provide direction in a crisis.* We all have unique circumstances but each of us needs to have a plan for contacting our family if mobile phones will not work. Food and supplies should be kept in portable form such as a backpack along with back-up medicines and so on.

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