Depending upon your geographic location, housing type, environment, and overall health – power outages can range from a minor inconvenience to a serious threat.
Growing up in the northern states ofNew EnglandI had my fair share of winter power outages as a child. In October of 2011 an early snowstorm traveled up the East Coast of theUnited Statesand caused over 2 million people to loose power. 750 Watt Power Inverter – An Inverter is a fantastic device which converts DC power (battery) to AC power (household). BatteryChargers – With so many devices capable of being charged via USB plugs – have a couple of USB adapters that can plug into the cigarette lighter or 12V power outlet in your vehicle.
It is not a question of When the power will go out – but for how long and how bad the situation will be. Homeowners should use March 8, the day they turn the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time, as a reminder to prepare an emergency kit for power outages based on advice from the International Association of Fire Chefs. The inverter can also be used to power your refrigerator too if directly connected to the car battery while idling. In 1989 I saw the effect that Hurricane Hugo had as it knocked out power in theCharlotte,NCarea.
Burning candles obviously exposes the environment to open flame and it only takes a moment to ignite the wrong thing and the power outage now becomes much more serious. The idea behind the kits is to keep families safe and in communication during power outages and give them an alternative to the dangerous practice of using lit candles. The lack of preparedness on my part has lead to the kiddos panicking and all of us glued to the kitchen table waiting for the power to come back on.

The food you should pack for a potential 3 days without of power should be as nutrient-dense and easy to eat (or prepare) as possible. If you’re more likely to have your power knocked out by a snowstorm or heavy winds than flooding or tornadoes, you can just pack a couple of snacks in your kit, and just ensure that your cupboards or pantry are well stocked with shelf-stable items that are really easy to prepare. Laminated or otherwise waterproof list of emergency numbers, kept with about 20 dollars cash, and some change. Taking a few logical steps like putting together a “Black Out Kit” can make dealing with most any power failure a bit easier and safer too deal with.
The goal is to have a single location to find supplies to react in response to a power failure. Having an inverter provides the ability to operate a variety of devices such as box fans, electric lights, small power tools, and other electronic devices such as radios and computers. Even small generators often can power a refrigerator along with a few other things at the same time.
Homeowners should use March 8, the day they turn the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time, as a reminder to prepare an emergency kit for power outages based on advice from the International Association of Fire Chefs. The power would flicker, go out and my parents would get a flashlight, a few candles and build a roaring fire in the fire place. With climate change wreaking havoc on the planet, superstorms, floods, tornadoes, and droughts are becoming more frequent, and it’s not uncommon for people to be without power for a few days.
Other than reporting the power outage and waiting for it to come back on, there’s not a lot you can do to ameliorate the situation.
Many flashlights today utilize LED bulbs which are extremely durable, super bright, and use very little power.

Before purchasing read up on what your power requirements are and make sure you have plenty of fuel stored away. The kiddos loved that they were able to add their ideas into the kit and were very excited to make the list for me. In flood-prone areas, be sure to pack a bucket instead of a bag, and store all your supplies as high as possible; in tornado- and hurricane-prone areas, store your stuff in the basement, or wherever you go to take shelter. If you have pets, make sure that in addition to food, water, and first aid supplies for them, you have a safe place for them to sleep, like travel cages for rodents or birds, carriers for cats and small dogs, or portable beds. This type of storm and corresponding power failures created not just tremendous property damage – but life disruption as well. LED lanterns are more expensive however they provide much more light and sip power out of batteries.
My daughter was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to cook our Smores with no power, so we picked up some spreadable chocolate (next the the Peanut Butter) and marshmallow creme (above the regular marshmallows on the shelf) to go with our graham crackers. Read on to learn about the supplies that everyone should keep on hand if the power goes out for a few days. Curl up by the fire with that book you packed, talk to other people whose power has gone out; maybe share a meal with them. get a kit
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