When the power goes out, having the ability to contact others becomes extremely important, and your cell phone can be one of the most important tools to have. Power Pack or Portable ChargerYour power pack does not need to be indestructible, but the added protection and waterproofing that the Mophie Juicepack Powerstation PRO provides is definitely a plus.
But if the power is out for an extended period of time, battery life becomes a constant problem.Without the ability to plug your phone into a port or computer, it can be pretty hard to find a reliable source of energy to charge with. And while natural disasters like this do not occur very often, rolling blackouts and sporadic power outages happen all the time. It'll cost you 100 bucks, but when fully charged, this power pack should keep a regular smartphone running for a few days. These portable chargers are less powerful than the power packs like the one above, but they are smaller and some are battery powered, which can be a huge advantage.
If you are trapped with no power in the house, your car is probably one of the only places that will be completely unaffected, unless you have a fully electric car, which means you're kinda screwed.But if you have a car charger for your cellular phone, or a pre-installed dock, you can charge your phone for as long as your car's battery (and gas tank) can handle.

If the power's out, you won't be getting online anyway, so think of this as a good opportunity to break your Facebook habit. All you need to do is remove the bulb, screw in the adapter, and you can charge two AC powered devices.
Hackers also caused another, smaller blackout north of Rio de Janeiro in January 2005, the network claimed.
In an interview with Threat Level last month, former cybersecurity czar Richard Clarke named Brazil as a hack-attack blackout victim, but didn’t provide verifiable details. So, here are a few ways to keep your phone charged in case of a prolonged power outage (or, you know, the zombie apocalypse).
Dealing with the power problem, it turned out, was part of learning how to live as a married couple. India Gate is normally a place of refuge from Delhi power outages, where ice-cream vendors have brisk midnight sales.

Luxury hotels would be open beyond midnight, but that was an unaffordable way to beat a power outage. Poring over my copies of DC Comics, I would often hope that if Flash lived in Kashmir, we could have asked him to fix our errant power supply. After power was restored today, I spent a few hours following the debates about the power outage in the Indian press.
Sushil Kumar Shinde, who was India’s Power Minster until yesterday, has estimated losses from theft and faulty transmission to be around thirty-eight per cent. It might also remind the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of the need to reform the power sector and expand the supply of electricity to the millions who live in villages without much basic infrastructure.

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