As a WRAS approved water tank manufacturer, Enduramaxx has a range of plastic vertical water tanks, including rainwater harvesting tanks, MDPE potable water storage tanks and slimline rainwater tanks. Enduramaxx potable vertical tanks are backed by a full 10 year warranty and are supplied with a byelaw 30 kit (byelaw 60 kit in Scotland).
Enduramaxx manufactures a range of mixing tanks suitable for most agricultural fertilisers. Enduramaxx vertical storage tanks are industrial water tanks available in 25 sizes ranging from 150 to 30,000 litres. The Enduramaxx vertical storage tanks industrial water storage tank range is manufactured with lifting lugs, overflow, inlet and outlet locations that can take up to O150mm fitting(s). Open top tanks are generally process-orientated tanks that are typically used for blending or for containment (containment tanks). Enduramaxx Bunded Tanks 10000 litre are selected for integral protection from leakage and overfilling and are designed with pollution control in mind. Uses for Enduramaxx bunded tanks include; industrial chemicals and dosing, de-icers, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, agricultural liquid fertilisers and molasses, oils (except fuel oils, diesel, etc), waste water and water industries.
Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks and molasses tanks are ideal for commercial and agricultural use.
Our potable water tank selection includes a range of different sizes and shaped water tanks.
Water Butts - A massive selection of garden water butts from different sizes, shapes and colours. Drinking Water Tanks - Made from wras approved polymers making it safe for drinking water storage. All of the Ecosure potable water tanks, water tanks and water butts are made here on site to meet all standards and to provide you with an faster delivery and excellent customer service.
The new wall mounted water butt is perfect for keeping your water stored safely out of the way.
You can fill up your watering can with ease and attach a garden hose to the bottom outlet. Our potable water tanks are made with wras approved polymers which are used for storage of drinking water.
The Ecosure water tanks selection is ideal for domestic households, commercial applications, industrial and agricultural.
280 Litre Water Tank is ideal for storing water and with it's slimline shape its ideal for fitting into those small and awkward spaces. 710 Litre Water Tank In Black - Ideal plastic water tank that is designed to sit flush against a wall or garden shed. 1000 Litre Water Tank Easy access with a 16" hinged lid, ideal for bucket access and droping a submersible water pump in. Ecosure Water Butts - If your looking to save money through out the year, the Ecosure Water Butt is definately a recommended worth, while buy for garden lovers. At water tank shop we provide a wide and selective range of water tanks that are ideal for water storage for domestic use and commercial.

The largest online shop for all types of storage tanks; from water tanks for your garden to large underground water tanks.
Whether you need a water tank for your garden or a large water tank for the factory, we have many different shapes are sizes that are sure to suite your needs.
Also why not take a look at our potable water tanks that are designed and made by Ecosure.
You can also store your water underground in these industrial strength underground water tanks. Most of us have an area in the garden or have had a situation where you need to store water somewhere but haven't got the room. Here’s our simple definition: Potable water storage tanks are suitable for the safe storage of drinking water. We can install our range of industrial water tanks nationwide and specialise in the installation of our galvanised and coated steel sectional tanks.
Welcome to Direct Water Tanks; we supply one of the largest ranges of water storage tanks and related products in the UK. Our tanks have many applications; our baffled tanks are used by car valeting and window cleaning companies for transporting water in their vehicles. The increasingly widespread use of liquid fertilisers has produced a growing demand for fertiliser mixing tanks, which allow on-site preparation of fertilisers and chemicals. Polyethylene granules used in the construction of the tanks ensure it is strong, durable and free from corrosion. These open top tanks are selected for collection systems, temporary liquid storage, or as secondary containment for vertical tanks in indoor or outdoor installations. These include being able to be easily installed on a flat concrete base and re-siting of the tanks is easy.
Our bunded tanks are available in a range of colours allowing for colour coding as to which chemical is stored as a key to easy recognition.
These extra heavy duty tanks are made to suit liquid fertilizers and molasses with a specific gravity of up to 1.5.
Industrial water tanks are specially designed with a smooth interior to help resist growth of algae and bacteria and are easy to clean. Our potable water tanks are made with Wras approved polymers which are used for drinking water. There are plenty of water tank options which really depend on how much water you are looking at storing. Why not get a wall mounted water butt they come in a range of garden colours and at a fantastic prices ! Especially if you are on a water metre you will notice the difference with your water bills on how money you really can save.
Ecosure water tanks range has now increased in many size options which gives you more rainwater harvesting options and style water tanks. Saving your rainwater means free water to feed your garden instead of having to rely on the water mains.

We supply and manufacturer rainwater tanks from small to large and in many shapes and colours.
We have large range of oil tanks, both domestic and waste oil, from 500 litres up to 15,000 litres. Made from MDPE, these tanks are ideal for installing under patios, lawns and even concrete.
We also storage tank for stoing chemicals and other liquids that might need sepcial storage or even bunded tanks such as Ecosure's bunded 1000 litre oil tank. We have a range of potable water tanks which conform to WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) regulations for the safe storage of drinking water. Our range includes water tanks, rainwater harvesting systems, water butts, cold water tanks, baffled water tanks, water bowsers, agricultural tanks & underground water tanks.
Our rainwater harvesting and below ground tanks are used to capture, collect and reuse rainwater which falls on commercial and domestic buildings. These industrial water tanks are specially designed with a smooth interior to help resist growth of algae and bacteria and is easy to clean. Simply put, a bunded tank is a “tank within a tank” which helps customers conform to current health and safety legislation. Manufactured from corrosion-resistant plastic ensures these tanks never rust and customisation of product is available on request. The range of 25 sizes from 150 Litres to 30000 Litres enables farmers to order bulk loads and store in bulk tanks being the preferred and most economical way. Our rotationally moulded range of industrial storage tanks also includes our conical bottom tanks that enable complete drainage of the liquid in the tank.
Our potable water tanks range from 280 litres to 19,000 litres so you can save as much water in your water tank as you want. Choosing a water tank size is entirely up to you and depends on how much room you have and how much water you want to save. All of our rainwater tanks are made here on site in the Uk which allows us to offer you a fast delivery service and a quality rainwater tank. We can also make bespoke tanks from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), this means we can manufacture a water tank specific to your needs. If you require a bespoke storage tank at a certain size please give us a call on 0871 200 2082.
We also offer a nationwide tank installation service with a fully qualified installation team.

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