Ready Water Bladders are collapsible flexible storage tanks that provide portable, easy to deploy solutions for your liquid storage and handling needs.• These Water Bladders can be designed to fit your every need whether it is on Land, Air or Sea. Our Water Bladders can be designed to provide storage of potable water, gray water, black water, juices, syrup, wine and other liquids. Our water pillow tanks are extra durable and easily stored and the high quality water resistant fabric provides maximum ultraviolet light protection. Canflex Pillow Tanks are normally “pillow” shaped tanks having a low profile. Hydrocarbon products, drinking water, industrial chemicals, waste-water, liquid food products and a wide variety of other liquid products can be safely and efficiently stored in the Canflex Pillow Tanks. These tanks ensure complete isolation from surface soil and water, significantly reduce truck traffic to and from the site and increase site safety. We pride ourselves on supplying quality solutions for your unique storage needs and we are happy to discuss your project in order to provide the best solution.

Each bladder features several options that are designed to increase the durability and performance of your custom tank.
Continental USWater Bags are collapsible flexible water storage tanks that provide temporary as well as long term water storage. Ready Containment manufactures all water pillow tanks with care making sure the water bladders you order is top quality and will provide leak free service for years to come.
We offer many choices on fabrics and connections in order to ease your water transfer operations. All tanks are manufactured to the highest quality standards using a variety of materials or fabrics that can be used to hold potable or waste water, fuels, chemicals, dielectric oil, gasses and other waste contaminants. In addition to being an ISO certified manufacturer we are also a proud member of the ASTM organization. Our team uses only the best components available to help produce quality water bladders for all our customers.

Our quality control personal double check every inch of each bladder using test procedures in accordance with ASTM 751 and current U.S.
Our portable tanks and bladders are used worldwide by variety of customers for emergency response, disaster relief, defense installations, homeland security and by chemical plants, utility companies, farms, refineries, construction sites, airports, fire departments, maritime fleets, and HazMat teams.
Our water pillow tanks can be customized to meet your needs whether big or smaller, extra fitting or custom fittings as we make each of our water pillow tanks with the customer in mind.

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