After years of running emergency operations out of a training classroom in the 911 building, city officials now have a stand-alone facility. In the event of a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake or other natural or man-made disaster, Portland, Ore., is now more equipped than ever to respond to the emergency. The need for the facility was identified in 2007 when Portland’s setup was tested during the federal Top Officials Exercise, a full-scale simulated emergency scenario. Fast-forward to 2014 and the $19.8 million facility opened in eastern Portland in late January.
PBEM provides support for the City's elected leaders and senior executives during emergencies.

Site hosted by Emerick Construction with information about the construction of the City's new Emergency Coordination Center (ECC).
Dan Douthit, public information officer for the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM), said the after-action review of that exercise made it clear that something needed to change.
The video wall allows everyone working in the center to see the same information, whether it’s a map or other important data. But in the event that an emergency or other situation happens that requires public safety responders to run their operations from the building, the ECC would be treated as an emergency operations center.
The Emergency Operations section develops and maintains critical relationships through the City's Disaster Policy Council (DPC) and Emergency Management Steering Committee (EMSC).

In addition, the workstations in the area are arranged to follow the Incident Command System, an executive conference room provides space for the mayor and disaster policy council to meet, and the Joint Information Center allows staff to harness social media while also reaching out to the press and public. This program is also responsible for maintaining and operating the City's Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) and related infrastructure.

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