PowerPoint slide deck for a briefing on the origin, structure and operation of the DC, an ESF-8 tier 2 response organization in Washington, DC. Rapid Responder is the most up-to-date and industry leading technology that your facility could have for increased safety and security. Today starts our series for September, “3 Things your First Responders Want You to Know.” We are starting off with our law enforcement first responders and our guest blogger is Lt.
Response Operations DC EHC Senior Policy Group HCRT ManagerHealthcare Coalition HCRT HCRTResponse Team PIO Liaison(HCRT) HCRT Ops HCRT Logistics HCRT Planning Section Chief Section Chief Section Chief Notification Comms Center Unit Member HIS Orgs.

He has shared some helpful tips for how the public can help when they respond to an emergency scene. System DC EHC HVA = hazard vulnerability assessment HMARS = Healthcare Mutual Aid Radio Syst. The new Android tablet app provides additional accessibility to critical response information stored in Rapid Responder for Android users. Without this badge, they may be delayed in responding to a crisis situation, or if lost or stolen, could mean a security breach for the facility.

Wednesday, Chief Harrell gave us a glimpse into the rewarding, yet taxing career as a fire first responder.
It is interesting to see the different aspects of these careers that we may not be aware of and simple ways that we can help our first responders.

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