Okay, so let’s say we are booking an independent, DIY, European family vacation—that way we cover all the bases of an overseas excursion from the most challenging angle. Once you’ve narrowed down your options to one locale, it’s time to start seriously planning. National Park Lodging: 6 Outstanding Options Highlights from Europe Guide Training in Holland Save TWICE as Much During Refer-a-Friend Month! This is the first post in a series on how to plan the perfect European family vacation where we share information including lodging recommendations, car rental benefits and 10 things to know before you rent, the perfect tours for your family's travel itinerary, planning your vacation on a budget, how to get around Europe with a family, and must see places in a variety of European locations. Often times, we include our entire medicine cabinet and closet on our packing list when considering what to pack for a family trip to Europe.
Money is always an issue in today's world, but that doesn't mean you can't plan a fun vacation on a tight budget, it just takes a few tricks and some smart thinking in order to pull it off. If you can't, look at your monthly food bill, and estimate how much it will cost for you and your family to eat for the amount of time on the vacation.
Family vacations trips can be quite expensive especially if you want to go on a European vacation. What is more interesting about going to Europe during off peak seasons is not having to deal with all the crowds. Well, you have decided on a destination, a budget and a tentatively planned itinerary—whether on your own or with a travel agent.

This post, focusing on what to pack for a family trip to Europe, is the first in our series of how to plan for a family trip to Europe.
Our family of four made it there and back with only four carry-on sized pieces of luggage (our personal favorite is Samsonite) and a backpack for each person.
Then either pack a cooler to take with you, or plan on going shopping at a store near the hotel and fixing picnic-like meals in the room. Keep in mind that crowds and young kids are not a good match so if you want your kids to get the most out of their European trip, do not drag them down through crowded places.
Then, we have the option of a trusted tour operator, such as AA, whom takes care of most details and leaves you with minimal planning. We have compiled these tips on what to pack for a family trip to Europe based on our experiences of what worked for our family. Gas prices are near four dollars a gallon, and plane tickets are expensive, not to mention the very strict rules as to what you can and cannot take on board. In Europe, consider buying Eurail (for non-EU citizens) or Interrail (for EU citizens) international rail passes.
Buying discount air travel tickets for the whole family will definitely trim down your travel expenses to a more manageable level. Keep in mind that you only have so much time to visit a lot of fascinating places in Europe during your vacation so you need to be very careful when it comes to planning your route.

If you don’t plan to have an international phone, there are Starbucks and McDonalds with wifi hotspots everywhere! When traveling around Europe book your plane for around midnight because those flights offer the lower rates. To help you plan your route, record some of the things that you want to see and do during your vacation.
Not only will you be able to save money on discount air travel tickets if you go to Europe during off peak seasons, you will also get massive discounts on hotel and resort accommodations during this time of the year.
They range from minimal to extensive family vacation packages—depending on what you want to do. This allows everyone to be involved in the decision making debate and gives insight on what your family wants to experience together. But, don’t be afraid to steer away from familiar hotels—you could stumble upon something with much more culture!

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