The idea was to deliver versatile buckets containing basic essentials like non perishable food items, first aid, toiletries, and tarpaulins for temporary shelter. The team in collaboration with Nepalgunj Medical College headed to Dolakha with 10,000kgs of rice, 400 tarpaulins and nonperishable food items along with a team of doctors to set up health camps. A convoy of #fillthebucket dispersed with a team of doctors, medical supplies and non-perishable food items to Gorkha.

The non-perishable foods consisted of instant noodle, rice, canned goods, medicines and medical supplies.
Perishable cargo can be defined as goods that will deteriorate over a given period of time or if exposed to adverse temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions.
Foodstuffs, plant materials, hatching eggs and medical supplies are typical examples of perishable goods.

Working as forwarder in many fields, NIS has reached a state-of-the-art specialization on air freight for perishable goods, taking advantage of refrigerating cells, always active and available, to safely store goods waiting for boarding.

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