Since we’re doing SD trading, once you supply or demand in control is taken out, it will be showing weakness in that currency pair’s timeframe. The only reason why price moves in any and all markets is because of an imbalance in supply and demand. The best opportunities are where we can buy at the cheapest price possible and sell and the most expensive price possible.
Open a price chart, you will see a multitude of supply and demand levels on every timeframe. If the imbalance is great and price returns to the area shortly after, it’s not a good sign either, price needs to consolidate away from the level and not return to it in the next couple of candles. Let me show you a couple of examples of supply and demand in control in higher timeframes, what it’s called the curve. 2.Once you know what kind of trader you are (not that easy because your mind will want to trade on all timeframes, you will see SD levels on all charts, with the trend and counter-trend, you will chase trades), decide which is the timeframe for your curve.
OnData Systems  provides a smart solution; currently Costa Rica is the number one country in software development in Latin America and one of the best globally. I personally use Supply And Demand in most my personal buying and selling, foreign exchange, futures, gives as well as goods. Basic concept of this supply demand strategy is how we look supply demand area with two line nearest based two lower low or two higher high.
Just look at your D1 or your WK chart and see what is going on with the SD areas in control and decide which direction to trade.

For example, at the origin of a demand level, there are not enough sell orders to fulfil the total amount of buy orders.
That is, if we have a WK supply zone, even if that zone is not fresh and has been hit 5 times, it’s still a higher timeframe supply, it will probably hold more than a M15 or a H1 zone. The trend is not a straight line, SD levels will work in both directions at any given timeframe, with the traend and counter trend, but the higher odds is to go with the trend until it ends. If it’s the switching pattern stage after that to visit 1 degree greater than the pivot higher (price is usually worn out at that time and a lot of halts obtain triggered). We just buy or sell on every low or high from supply demand area in control from smaller time frame like one hour time frame for intraday traders and four hour time frame for swing traders. Supply and demand levels on a price chart show all these levels, you just have to learn how to draw them. If the zone is fresh and good, price will likely drop quite fast and no kind of confirmation will work.
If a supply zone has been hit 10 times and the distal line (furthest away price from current price) of that zone has not yet been broken, that zone is still valid, that zone is still the supply in control.
The lower D1 demand area with 33 pips is got a really nice imbalance, strong unpaused departure, very different to the one where price is located now. Application forex trader's bill of payments and with the trade stocks abe cofnas binary reasons vsa trading excel top forex trading course filetype pdf' at forex trading forex trading futures trading. When price returns to these levels, the novice traders (those who don’t know about supply and demand) are selling into an area where institutions (professionals) have their buy orders.

The trend is down because in a down trend, supply areas are respected and demand areas are taken out (broken), that simple. Why the lower 49 D1 demand in control is in control, for the same reason, zone has not been taken out yet, so buyers are in control.
Institutions and professionals buy to the novices, then there are no more sell orders so price must rise again.
If the $ index is at a higher timeframe supply and the euro is at a higher timeframe demand, we have to go long, there is no other thing we should be thinking!
Since we are primarily working with supply and demand imbalances, making a higher higher or a lower low does not necessarily mean we continue on the existing trend. But you don’t want to spend the whole day staring at the charts, you have to trust your levels and analysis. Once it’s solidly broken, you will be looking to go long at a good and fresh demand area, but don’t buy into a supply zone in control until it’s been clearly and solidly broken, it’s higher odds and we want those odds in our favour.

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