Teach your kids the fundamentals of North American geography with a blank map of the United States. This map of the 48 contiguous states can provide a useful basis for history projects and home assignments for elementary school students. A 3d colored version of the blank USA map would be a nice addition to a school research report. These free map outlines are a great resource for the social studies classroom, and can be used for countless educational activities and projects.

Click on the image below to open the PDF file in your browser, and download the file to your computer.
You may also prefer this map over the previous one if you need a general map shape, rather than precise geographic accuracy. Have your kids draw key locations on the map, illustrating what they imagine the United States to look like in 100 years. There are three unique maps to choose from, and a list of creative project ideas has been included at the bottom of the page.

Instruct your students to draw the state they live in, and label their current location on the map.

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